7 Signs She Wants To Sleep With You

7 Signs She Wants To Sleep With You

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Most guys size up a chick in a bar and think the sluttier the outfit, the easier the lay. This is not always the case. Sometimes the girl wearing a micro mini and titty-baring tank top won’t let you lay a hand on her, while the one you’ve mistaken for a librarian drags you into the nearest bathroom stall after 2 minutes of small talk. So what clues can you use to tell whether or not she will bang you?

1. She leans in real close and puts her hands on you while you’re talking.

The closer she gets to you, the closer she wants you to get to her. Take the hint and lean forward, or go a step further and put a hand on her knee. If she doesn’t recoil, you might be good to go.

2. She licks her lips a lot in front of you…

… Or bites them, or runs her tongue across them subconsciously. She’s thinking about what it would feel like to have your lips on hers. Or, you know, some other body part…

3. She alludes to past sexual encounters during conversation.

If she talks about sex with other dudes, that means she can imagine doing the same with you and feels comfortable approaching the subject. The more explicit she gets, the more likely she’ll show you what she’s talking about later.

4. She asks you about your bedroom.

This might sound like an odd one, but if a girl is asking about the décor in your room, it’s not because she’s looking for interior design tips. More likely, she’s trying to picture what it would look like to be in there with you.

5.  She doesn’t keep “looking for her friends.

If you’re chatting up a girl who continually excuses herself to check up on her friends throughout the course of the night, she’s making sure they’re not going to leave without her. She will not go home with you, and she’s probably not very into you, anyway. If she were, she would have forgotten about her friends a while ago.

6. She approaches you first.

When a girl comes up to you rather than you going up to her, you know off the bat that she is interested —and she’s interested based on your looks. If we’re talking pure physical attraction here, this is an obvious clue in your favor.

7. She asks.

Guys aren’t the only ones who can be straightforward; sometimes a girl will straight up ask you if you want to get down. Don’t be afraid. This rare and intriguing creature is probably great in the sack.

Disclaimer: Obviously, none of these hints are guaranteed pathways to consensual sex. Never accuse a girl of leading you on if she does one or more of these during the course of your flirtation. She might just have particularly sexual mannerisms (or be a little drunker than she realizes, which is never something to take advantage of), and there’s nothing wrong with that.