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16 Ways To Be More Mindful

“Mindfulness” might sound like a concept so loose as to be almost meaningless, but in actuality, it’s quite simple — boiled down to its most …→ Continue Reading

Gut Bacteria Could Hold Cure For Food Allergies

Peanuts, chocolate, dairy… there are a lot of things people can be allergic to, and a lot of people are …

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How The Sun Sees You: A Reminder To Use Sunscreen (Video)

Think your skin is perfect? Think again. Thomas Leveritt is an award-winning U.S.-born artist based in London who has his …

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Study Finds Video Game Play Leads To Better Social Skills

A new Oxford University study suggests children who play video games for an hour or less per day are more …

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6 Things To Try So You Can Sleep Better Tonight

You know when you haven’t gotten enough sleep because your mood is all off the next morning. You wake up …

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New Study Finds A Huge Benefit In Eating Organic Vs. Non-Organic Foods

If you’ve ever wondered whether it was actually worth paying a couple of extra bucks for organic groceries, here’s your …

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