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Xenex Germ-Killing Robots Help Zap Ebola

It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie: a germ-zapping robot that emits pulses of purple UV light to clean …

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Could Honey Replace Antibiotics?

The Centers for Disease Control, along with a plethora of other health, scientific and academic organizations, have for some time …

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There Is A Mood-Altering Drug In The Water Supply, And You Might Be Drinking It

What do you know about lithium? You might remember from chemistry class that it’s an element on the periodic table. …

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Gut Bacteria Could Hold Cure For Food Allergies

Peanuts, chocolate, dairy… there are a lot of things people can be allergic to, and a lot of people are …

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How The Sun Sees You: A Reminder To Use Sunscreen (Video)

Think your skin is perfect? Think again. Thomas Leveritt is an award-winning U.S.-born artist based in London who has his …

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