7 Ways To Stay Healthy With A Busy Work Schedule

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If you find yourself spending endless hours at the office only to rush home for a few fleeting moments before falling asleep and starting the routine all over again, you aren’t alone. The vicious cycle can be draining, but there are ways to minimize any poor effects on your health. Here are seven easy and convenient ways to look after your health while still maintaining a busy schedule.

1. Get ingredients & recipes delivered.


A hectic routine can leave you exhausted at the end of the day, making it easy to justify a quick fast food meal because cooking seems far too difficult. You may have even forgotten to eat from time to time, or found yourself mindlessly snacking on whatever unhealthy food happened to be in your desk drawer. Those days are over, thanks to Blue Apron.

This service delivers recipes straight to your door, along with the corresponding ingredients to turn those recipes into a delicious reality. Everything you need for dinner turns up in a refrigerated box. This means it stays fresh even if you aren’t home when it arrives.

There are several options to choose from, depending on your individual needs. For example, the two-person plan delivers two or three recipes per week (your choice), while the four-person family plan delivers two, three, or four recipes per week. Meals begin at just $8.99 per serving.

Don’t worry about being forced to eat meals you don’t like – you get to choose from several recipes before settling on which ones to receive, and those recipes change each week. Blue Apron also provides allergen information on its nutrition labels, which are published online approximately three weeks before your shipment.

No matter which meals you choose, they’re guaranteed to be healthy. The average Blue Apron meal has between 500 and 800 calories and takes around 30 to 40 minutes to cook. The produce is fresh, the meat has no added hormones, and the seafood is sustainably sourced.

With healthy meals made so simple, you’ll have a hard time ever justifying microwave TV dinners or Big Mac meals ever again. Give Blue Apron a try – there’s no commitment and you can cancel anytime.

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2. Eat organics.

Chris Lawton on Unsplash

You probably know that organic food is healthy, but you’ve likely been turned off by the price. If this is the case, you weren’t looking in the right place. Say goodbye to GMOs and preservatives, and hello to Thrive Market.

This service offers quality organic foods at wholesale prices by cutting out the middle man and passing the savings straight onto you. You can expect to receive healthy products at a discount of up to 50% off regular retail prices.

Thrive Market allows you to shop online and get everything shipped straight to your door. From organic meat and seafood to farm fresh produce and pet food, there’s plenty of options for everyone. Those who follow vegan, gluten-free, and Paleo diets are also well taken care of.

To unlock the incredible savings offered by Thrive Market, all you have to do is pay a $59.95 annual membership fee. With your first purchase on Thrive Market, you’ll start a free 30-day membership trial. The company is so certain that you’ll make your money back over the course of the year that it promises to credit any difference in Thrive Bucks when you renew your membership. With a guarantee like that, there’s really nothing to lose.

If you’re interested in eating organic foods for a price tag you can actually afford, head over to Thrive Market’s website and create an account for free

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3. …And healthy snacks.

Alexander Mils on Unsplash

When you’re hungry at work, it’s easy to grab something from the vending machine. If you’re guilty of doing that, you don’t have to do it anymore. There’s a better option.

NatureBox delivers high-quality nibbles to your door, from chips to cookies and granola bars. You’ll always have a guarantee that no matter what you choose, there are no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. There’s also no corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, or MSG in any NatureBox products.

In addition to being a healthy way to snack, NatureBox is a great way to taste new products that you probably wouldn’t try otherwise. New items are added every month, which means there’s a great variety of snacks on offer.

Once you’ve picked out your snacks online, they’re delivered straight to your door. If you don’t like something you’ve ordered, NatureBox will credit the value of the snack to your next order. Yes, really.

NatureBox is only $5 a month, but that $5 gets credited towards your purchases. So the service is essentially free. You’ll also get to benefit from savings of up to 40%, since NatureBox is a wholesale club and therefore doesn’t come with a retail mark-up.

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4. Throw in some wine for good measure.

Guillermo Nolasco on Unsplash

If you enjoy a nice glass of red wine to help you relax at the end of a long day, you’re in luck. Doing so is actually quite healthy, according to various studies which have linked it to a lower heart disease risk and longevity. Those are pretty good reasons to pop open a bottle of the good stuff.

Drizly makes it easy to keep your wine supply topped up, allowing you to browse bottles straight from your phone or laptop. It partners with local retailers and delivers your wine within an hour.

If you’re a connoisseur, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can search by type, country, or brand. But let’s face it – most people probably want to sort by price. You can do that too. You’ll also see a breakdown of the wine’s color, flavor profiles, and suggested food pairings.

The service doesn’t just offer wine. In fact, you can order just about any kind of beer or liquor as well (though you might have trouble finding studies to state that those tipples are actually healthy). But as they say, everything in moderation.

Delivery fees vary by area. Most orders come with a $5 fee, but with zero mark-up on the alcohol itself. If time isn’t an issue, you can also opt to have orders shipped to your door, rather than hand delivered. Either way, you’re guaranteed to get great service and keep your personal bar stocked with whatever you fancy.

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5. Burn some calories.


Now that you know how to eat properly despite your busy schedule, you can begin focusing on keeping your body healthy in other ways. Find Your Trainer allows you to select from a wide array of professional, certified personal trainers. You can opt to have them visit your home or office, or train at local facilities without paying any sort of gym membership fees.

The concept brings a new meaning to the term “personal training,” as it truly is a personalized experience. You get to pick the best trainer to suit your fitness goals, as well as one who can meet in your desired location and fit around your schedule.

Simply head to the website, enter your zip code, and explain whether you’re most interested in losing weight, getting stronger, being healthier and feeling better, prepping for an event, or recovering from an injury. You don’t have to worry about owning any expensive equipment, as your trainer will bring everything that is needed to your sessions.

There’s no commitment involved, which is particularly valuable when you compare Find Your Trainer to gyms which often refuse to let customers out of their contracts. Instead, you just book and pay for exercise sessions directly from the trainer’s profile on the website.

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6. Grocery shop from the office.

Gratisography on Pexels

Most people don’t want to spend their time walking up and down supermarket aisles in pursuit of things they can purchase online. And with a schedule as busy as yours, there’s an especially high probability that you fit into that category. Luckily, you can purchase everything you need via Instacart.

All you have to do is head to Instacart’s website or app, create an account, and begin shopping from the comfort of wherever you happen to be. You select which groceries you want, all of which are sourced from stores close to you. Once you’ve completed your entire list with just a few clicks, your order is sent to one of Instacart’s professional shoppers.

They’ll fill your bags with everything you want, and they promise to keep your eggs safe and pick the best produce. All of your grocery store goodies will be delivered straight to your door. You can opt to pay a delivery fee each time, or join Instacart Express for unlimited deliveries at one low monthly fee.

You’ll also save money in the process, thanks to the fact that you can compare prices at various stores and use exclusive coupons offered only on Instacart.

The best part about this service is that you can have groceries delivered in as little as one hour. That means if it’s 4pm and you just remembered you’re supposed to host a dinner party, you can probably still pull it off.

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7. Get a good night’s sleep.


You’ve probably heard the advice that you should get at least eight hours of sleep, but what you might not know is that it also needs to be quality sleep. A big part of this is having the right mattress.

Helix is one of the best names in the mattress business, with a proven track record of helping millions of people get their Zzz’s. You can begin your journey for the best mattress by heading over to the Helix site and taking a 2-3 minute sleep quiz. From there, Helix will use “innovative sleep science” to personalize and custom-make your mattress. It gets shipped to your door for free in 6-10 business days.

Mattresses start at $600 and come with a 100 night sleep trial, a 10-year warranty, and the option for financing. While you’re at it, you might want to consider buying a Helix adjustable pillow, which is designed for perfect comfort – regardless of your sleeping position or body type.

To see what all the fuss is about, head over to Helix and start your journey towards better, more restful sleep.