CNBC’s Weird Music Choice: Chris Brown And The N-Word (Video)

12/17/13 1:57PM EST

CNBCs Weird Music Choice Chris Brown And The N Word Video CNBCs Weird Music Choice: Chris Brown And The N Word (Video)

Image via YouTube screenshot/CNBC

CNBC wanted some music to take a recent newscast into a commercial break. News anchor Kelly Evans was talking about money, so naturally someone decided Chris Brown would complement the story nicely. Wait, what?

In the short clip, viewers can very distinctly hear the lyrics, “Getting paid, every single day, with my nigg*s, my nigg*s Chris and Jay.”

Maybe CNBC was trying to use a popular song, but I didn’t think anyone even liked Chris Brown anymore. There are countless songs about money that don’t involve the N words, even some popular ones, but I guess CNBC couldn’t think of any.