Comedian Pranks Local News Stations By Posing As A Chef (Video)

3/4/14 5:30PM EST

Comedian Pranks Local News Station By Posing As A Chef Comedian Pranks Local News Stations By Posing As A Chef (Video)

screen shot via The Found Footage Festival

Feeling down around the holidays? Maybe it’s because you don’t know what to do with all of those leftovers in your fridge. Or maybe not.

Just ask comedian Nick Preuher, who tricked five local TV networks in the Illinois-Wisconsin area into thinking he was a real chef named Keith Guerke. When brought on to live news segments to be interviewed, Preuher—donned in white apron and chef’s hat—offered up ridiculous holiday leftover recipe ideas like mashed potato ice-cream cones and smoothies made with corn and ham.

The recipes were part of Chef Guerke’s nonexistent book “Leftovers Right: Making a Winner of Last Night’s Dinner.” In one appearance, the anchor directed the audience to Barnes and Noble after the show, where Guerke was set to do a book signing. Preuher chimed in to let the audience know the appearance was cancelled, presumably because the books don’t actually exist.

Along with partner Joe Pickett, Preuher is the founder and co-creator behind Found Footage Festival, a New York-based comedy tour that shows funny antics from old VHS recordings.

To pull off its most recent prank, the team drafted a fake press release and book cover image that was sent to 10 TV stations, according to NY Daily News. Seven of those networks invited the made-up Chef Keith onto their programs without any further investigation into his authenticity.


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