Former NBA Superstar Karl Malone Still Uses A Flip Phone (Video)

3/11/14 12:04PM EST

Karl Malone earned the nickname ”the Mailman” in his 18-year career with the Utah Jazz. He certainly never failed to deliver, having scored the 2nd most career points in NBA history.

Malone ended his playing career 10 years ago, but it seems he still prefers cell phone technology from that time era.

In an interview with a Fox Sports reporter after last night’s Jazz game, Malone was asked why he continues to use a flip-phone in the year 2014.

You would think a man that owns a cattle ranch, used car outlet, multiple franchises, and commercial/residential real estate around the country would need something more high-tech to manage his life.

But “the Mailman” was unapologetic in his response, saying, “What guys don’t realize is this is a masterpiece. It’s kind of like anything else. If you keep it long enough it’ll come back in style, kind of like bell bottoms.”

It may be hard to agree that cell phone technology will hold the same fate as 1960s fashion, but its hard arguing with a man 256-pounds that’s still as hardworking ever.

Malone joked, “But no, I just like it, old school, hard to get rid of.” With $104 million earned in his NBA career, Karl Malone can use whatever phone he damn well pleases.


You seriously managed to spell Stanford wrong in the headline... wow. 

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