Girl Scout Breaks Cookie Sales Record With 18,107 Boxes Sold

3/25/14 1:42PM EST

Girl Scout Breaks Cookie Sale Record With 18107 Boxes Sold Girl Scout Breaks Cookie Sales Record With 18,107 Boxes Sold

Image via Rob Hainer/Shutterstock

Eleven-year-old Katie Francis of Oklahoma City isn’t your typical girl scout. Not only is she the state record-holder for Girl Scout cookie sales, she just earned the national record. Francis has already sold 18,107 boxes of cookies, squeaking by the previous record of 18,000 boxes of cookies.

The seven-week sales period was supposed to end Sunday night, but thanks to the wintery weather, has been extended a week until March 30. Francis hopes to reach a total of 20,000 boxes by Sunday, according to NewsOK.

Francis told NewsOK last month that there were only three ingredients needed to rack up sales: a lot of time, a lot of commitment and asking everyone she met to buy.

Last year, Francis sold 12,428 boxes and she decided she wasn’t going to rest until she broke the record this year. She hopes to one day reach a lifetime goal of 100,000 boxes of cookies. She’s definitely off to a great start.

The previous record holder, Elizabeth Brinton, sold approximately 18,000 boxes during one year in the 1980s.


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