Gregg Popovich Gives A Two-Word Interview (Video)

1/30/14 10:19AM EST

Gregg Popovich Gives A Two Word Interview Video Gregg Popovich Gives A Two Word Interview (Video)

screen shot via YouTube/ESPN

Old Man Popovich is at it again. True to his grumpy old man persona, the coach of the San Antonio Spurs blessed us with yet another memorable sound bite during Wednesday night’s loss to the Bulls. This time, it’s ESPN’s Mark Jones who is offered up to Coach Pop as a journo sacrifice.

Popovich is notorious for being an uncooperative interviewee. At least this time he was civil. It’s hard to blame Pop for being a little on edge for this interview. Not only was his team losing to a .500 ballclub, he just lost Manu Ginobili to a hamstring injury in the third quarter, and Tony Parker seemingly forgot how to shoot a basketball.

Hang in there, Pop. If the season ended today your team would still be the #2 seed.


You seriously managed to spell Stanford wrong in the headline... wow. 

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