Honda Creates Insane Smartphone Airbag

12/5/13 2:47PM EST

Honda Creates Insane Smartphone Airbag Honda Creates Insane Smartphone Airbag

Image via Honda

Japanese automaker Honda has released a video advertising its new product, the Smartphone Case N, an airbag meant to protect cellphones through any mishap. The airbag is huge and seems to engulf the phone, even when it’s not in action. If this sounds like a good idea, you’ll be disappointed to find the product isn’t real.

The fake commercial shows a man distraught over his cracked cell phone screen. While slow, melancholy piano music plays in the background, the man shows us how the product came to be and takes us through all his testing phases. One conveyor belt chucks brand new phone after brand new phone to the floor while our narrator diligently takes notes. Another machine diligently dumps a phone each time the narrator places it into a detached jeans pocket.

In the end, the man comes up with the idea of adding an airbag to his phone, increasing its size several times over by basically strapping an inflatable pillow to the back. For the accident-prone among us, I suggest you stick to an industrial rubber case.

Alas, I don’t know what the Japanese speaker is saying, but the video is still worth a watch.