It’s Not Just The Uniform: 10 Reasons Military Guys Are Irresistible

It’s Not Just The Uniform: 10 Reasons Military Guys Are Irresistible

Warner Bros. Pictures/American Sniper

Warner Bros. Pictures/American Sniper

Military men seem pretty great at getting the ladies, and not just during Fleet Week in NYC, where hundreds of hot young Navy guys are greeted on the shores of N.Y. by some very excited single women.

“Normal” guys love to write their appeal off as “the uniform,” or the fact that they’re usually in great shape. Sorry, boys, it’s not just those things, though the uniforms and muscles do help. But there’s a reason the military men you meet, more so than other hot men in uniform (think firefighters, police officers, the UPS guy), are either in relationships, or don’t seem to have a lot of trouble meeting women.

Here’s what they’ve got to offer. At the end of the day, most of these things are qualities any guy could bring to the table, if he really tried. Military men just already seem to have it:

1. Unquestionable loyalty.

Military guys have a higher calling; they’re committed to serving their country, and their loyalty to the nation will take them to war zones, disaster areas, and anywhere they’re called to. They also forge strong bonds with one another. You’ve seen “Band of Brothers,” you’ve heard of “no man left behind.” It’s all true. They commit themselves to a purpose, and to one another, all for a greater cause.

Women love knowing that a man can be loyal. Just knowing that they are capable of devoting themselves to something else outside of themselves shows a level of unselfishness and integrity that frankly, a lot of people in general don’t seem to have.

2. Global awareness.

They haven’t all gone to college. They haven’t all traveled the world on deployments. But they know what’s going on in the world, because it’s their job to know, and for many, it’s the reason they joined the military in the first place. A lot of people don’t follow the news regularly. Articles about, well, dating, often get more views and social media shares than stories about ISIS and conflict in the Ukraine. Guys in the military are focused on what’s important, our national security, and helping the world as a whole become safer. Caring about things that actually matter is pretty hot. It means you’ve got your priorities straight.

3. They know how to make the most of their time.

They may deploy for six months at a time, maybe a whole year. They may have deployed once, or they may have deployed several times over the course of their careers. They have temporary duty assignments, they take classes, and they go to training, all across the country and the world. This means that they aren’t always with their loved ones very often, so when they are, they know how to make it count.

They want to do fun, simple things they missed while gone, like going to a sports game or eating at a local pizza place. They want to spend nights at home, catching up on movies that had been in theaters while they were deployed. They like going out with friends for beers, and spending holidays with family members, because this time is rare and treasured.

4. They don’t “ghost.”

Some guys prefer to disappear when they want to call something off. Women do it too. But no one likes it. It’s cowardly, a little bit rude, and very off-putting. But men in the military are, generally speaking, willing and able to tell it like it is. If they’re over it, they’ll be forthcoming and say as much. They’re less likely to play games, because frankly, they’re too busy to play games. The military also makes you mature much faster, and military guys seem to realize that stringing people along and disappearing is just childish.

5. They are so damn polite.

If you’re a woman, and can gain access to a military base, head to the base commissary. Take a walk around. Every door will be opened for you if there is a gentleman nearby who can do so. If you drop something, a man in uniform will pick it up. If you’re trying to carry something heavy and look like you’re struggling, it’s likely a military man will ask if you need any help. That’s just the way these men are. They’re conditioned to offer help, they like to be of service, and their mamas trained them right because with a military man, chivalry is definitely not dead. Did I mention that they will never let you pay for dinner?

6. They can teach you a lot of cool, new things.

Most women don’t have a lot of experience shooting guns, throwing a punch, lifting weights, or going on vigorous hikes. In every new relationship, partners teach one another new things and introduce each other to new hobbies. Military men usually have pretty cool hobbies that most women haven’t ever experienced. It’s fun to try out something completely different. It’s also very easy to get close and cuddly with your man when he’s teaching you to shoot a gun, or showing you how to throw a punch.

7. They’re protective.

Most women want to feel safe with their guy. It’s just biological. They want to feel like he can defend them in a dark alley at night, and like he can pick them up and carry them if their feet hurt from high heels. Military men usually know how to use a gun, they know how to throw a punch, and they have experience carrying fellow soldiers who may have been injured. It’s nice to know that if you need him to, your guy can take charge.

8. They like strong women.

A military guy wants his girlfriend or wife to be self-sufficient. They’re used to being around ladies in the military, who can do push-ups, sit-ups, and every other kind of “up” like a boss. The women they want to come home to are usually no different. Military guys usually encourage their partners to be able to take care of themselves, a) because they aren’t around a lot of the time, and b) because they like a lady who can keep up with them.

9. It’s fun to see them let their guard down.

When he’s in uniform at a work event, he can’t hold your hand or kiss you, at least in sight of others. He’s stone-faced, tough, and by-the-book. That’s why it’s so much fun to get him home. There’s something special about being able to turn that “tough guy” into a laughing, sweet, goofball, and seeing him for who he really is: a very ticklish overgrown kid who eats way too much candy and thinks burps are funny.

10. They want to commit.

These guys don’t have time to f*ck around. They move every 2-4 years on average, per military requirement, and it gets lonely. They usually want to have someone to come home to when they move to a new city and know no one. They want to have someone waiting for them when they get back from a combat zone. They become interested in settling down a little earlier in the life than the average guy, probably because circumstances make them grow up a lot faster. They don’t have much time to party or date around, so when they meet the “right girl,” they’re usually more ready to take the next step.

Jill Pohl
  • HollyDurham

    Clearly you have never actually met a man in the military or had an actual conversation with one.  Idiots…. Please don’t write anymore stupid columns that are based on your own version of the world.

  • theguydude

    Military men might be strong, but try taking the testosterone which causes irresponsibility in some relationships and multiply it by two. Try meeting a guy who has PTSD and physically freaks out with random sounds. Or maybe the other thousands of guys who are distant and uninterested in anything you have to say because our United States fantasy lifestyle is like a joke to them. 

    Military men cheat and horse around with women the same, or more than non military dudes; they use it as their pitch to get in your pants. I have seen it plenty.

    And you cannot always live with them; they may say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but when guys in the military feel like the military is their only life while they are there, wives feel unlistened to, and it can lead to infidelity in both parties. indeed the divorce rate for military currently is 4.25% and the non-military is 3.5%. (center for disease control). To explain what those ambiguous percentages mean, this means that every year 4.25% or 1/25 of married soldiers will get a divorce.

    Also children may miss out on growing up with their dads, or sadly lose their fathers. And those going in to the relationships with the men might find themselves without a husband.

    I have a hard time understanding why any girl would want:
    they act like a gentleman when they first meet you, possibly longer.
    they are statistically just as loyal as other men.
    they have big muscles in some situations.

    They might die and abandon you and your kids. would a kid rather have a dead hero or a dad?
    Many are distant when they interact with you for years after being deployed.
    You have a higher chance of being divorced
    There is a higher chance of infidelity because it’s hard to break up with a dude when he’s deployed.
    He could have PTSD
    Probably a bad listener/empathizer
    You may not see him for months (even years) at a time
    He won’t have anything to talk about except wars and destruction… and will be uninterested in your social sphere.

    Sounds like either the author had a military fantasy last night in her dream and felt spurred to say random shit.. or she just came up with a random topic and wrote about it because of SEO marketing these days (more likely). You have a much higher chance of happiness with marrying someone who works with clients as a job; maybe something in marketing. These people also care about their appearance but are usually good listeners.

  • EdwardNewman

    theguydude ” …guy who has PTSD and physically freak out…” Wow, what a low-life.  lol

  • beachbetty

    You are so stupid. You spend an entire paragraph explaining how they are more likeley to be unfaithful then turned around and said how loyal they were. Im a military wife. And I assure you many factors play a role in the VERY SLIGHT increase of divorce. As being in the military is probably the most intense stressful job there is who spend the most time away from their families. As an army wife, I can assure you you sound like you have no idea what its like to be married in the military. Its also my experience that shitty women are the ones who cant be faithful while the husbands are away. In my second year of marraige, I saw my husband for 33 days. 33 days. Now add that to shitty pay and have a few kids. Try moving every 2 to 3 years. Leave your parents behind, never work again cause people hate giring milotary wives who just leave after a year. Leave your friends just when you get close, live in foriegn counties where you cant speak the language and now be alone for EVERY SINGLE HOLIDAY. Imagine not being able to call him when your basement floods, or when your kid has a fever and had to go to the emergency room. Try giving birth while your husband is unreachable on skype and you cant tell him you have a daughter for at least two weeks. Or go to 9 funerals alone in 4 months for friends from his unit. You deal with in-laws for weeks on end alone because they want to see their grand kids while he is deployed. Try not being able to ask about his day cause his job is so secret he cant share half his life with you. Take all of this and PLEASE explain to me again how its most likely the testosterone that makes em cheat. If you knew what the hell you were talking about you would know that its mainly the wives who leave our brave military men because the job sucks when you are the spouse. You are an idiot. Now do yourself a favor and go date a banker. Dont give some poor soldier hope with you. You couldnt handle being in my shoes for one day. And from the likes of which, sounds like you wouldnt be mature enough to even slightly handle the shit that makes me privledged enough to have the title of military wife.

  • CorporalD


  • KristaLee2

    HollyDurham THANK YOU!

  • KristaLee2

    This is an inaccurate article. Period.

  • MissAmerica91

    theguydude You sir, are an uneducated, ignorant fool with nothing else better to do with your time. Obviously you must’ve tried to join the military and couldn’t pass the health standards, or you don’t have the balls to. I’m a woman, and let me drop some truth on your little pathetic world. There is NO MAN more attractive than a military man. Sure, he’s not home all the time. But somebody has to defend our country, unlike your low life ass. A man who fights for his country is more attractive to me than any other kind of man you could dream up. It just doesn’t get any better than a guy who has had to work hard, and be humbled to get where he is, he shows respect for everyone, he is disciplined (also trained to clean well in basic training :)) 
    I have dated military men, and non-military men, and there is a HUGE difference. I would take a man in uniform over some other loser who doesn’t know respect and discipline any day. 

    You must’ve pulled half your comment out of your ass. “Military men cheat and horse around with women the same, or more than non military dudes; they use it as their pitch to get in your pants.” That’s like saying all black men are thieves, all women are whores. Have you met every single military man in all branches and know the details of their love/sex life? NO! So stop stereotyping shit you don’t even have the first clue about.

    Go be a fucktard somewhere else.

  • lamotti

    MissAmerica91 Hello ma’am give me a ring lol!! However I am out of the military but still serving units. (Consulting so to speak) I love your attitude. Email at lucky.lamotti at gmail … took out the symbol because hey don’t know if it’ll show up.

  • AdamDanielSprague

    This can also be any other guy out there as long as you pick the nice guy. If you pick street trash than no surprise you are going to get street trash. If you pick a gentleman than no shit sherlock you are going to get a gentleman.

  • Aquaal

    My ex sexually assaulted me. Then he left me to go to the military. So no – I don’t agree with this list at all. People in the military are really not all that different from people out in the real world. It’s a mixed bag.

    Some folks go to serve for the right reasons, and some just do it because they need a legitimate outlet for their aggressive energy. There aren’t too many jobs where you can legally shoot a gun at people, and travel the world while doing so.

  • Uniform_Lover

    If you like military men here is a dating site for you, find your uniformed love online!

  • AustinEhrich

    theguydude You are a scum bag!! how dare you disrespect the men/women that serve and protect this nation. You wouldn’t have your freedom’s that you have if it wasn’t for people like us. You can shove your big ass pros and cons comment straight up your ass!!! All men/women in the military are well disciplined, have perfect hygiene, in great shape, and are very polite and respectful!! Your comment is a big insult to not just me but to my family and others in the military.

  • cosmiccrunch

    So basically, girls like military guys because they will worship them with undying loyalty, put a kid in their stomach, and feel empowered because of it.

  • cosmiccrunch

    beachbetty People in the military meet a woman, MAKE THE DECISION to start a family given the circumstances, and you want to complain? Grow the fuck up be that stay that home mom you always dreamed of being.

  • cosmiccrunch

    AustinEhrich theguydude Apparently the military doesn’t teach you how to present an opposing argument without using ad hominem.

  • cosmiccrunch

    MissAmerica91 theguydude “I would take a man in uniform over some other loser who doesn’t know respect and discipline any day. ”
    Why? Because they’re trained like dogs to be obedient?

  • beachbetty

    At what point was I complaining? I was mearly demonstrating common circumstances in which many soldiers get divorced and how it had nothing to do with testosterone and how the author of this stupid article is irrelevant. And how i felt her opinion seems based on inexperience. Also for the record, I was going nuts as a stay at home mom, and love my career. Not everyone with a vagina wants to be a stay at home mor or even be a mom. I have a masters degree and put it to good use. And love my live in nanny. And I can afford her because I make a crap-ton more money than my officer husband. So eat a dick.

  • AnitaChristina

    cosmiccrunch beachbetty more angry, bitter, angry “nice/good guys” that are pissed off, angry, and mad at women who won’t date them because their pussies……..and jealous of guys that own a set and can join the military. there’s a good reason so called “nice guys” finish last………….mainly they’re pussies whose balls never dropped

  • WalshBob

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  • AnitaChristina

    AdamDanielSprague “pick the “nice guy””? no thanks, there’s a good reason “nice guys” finish last” buddy. low self esteem, emotionally stunted, clingy, needy, and desperate makes a guy unattractive, unmanly, and undateable……”friend zone” failures as men!!!

  • AnitaChristina

    this article is aninresting read, even if for no other reason than to  highlight on the reasons women might like to date a guy in uniform. when all is said and done though, you still have to love the guy genuinely when the uniform comes off. by that i mean you hve to love the guy wearing the uniform for who he is, and not just because he wears it. 
    the wearing of that uniform demand entails sacrifices of all kinds, and not just by guy wearing it. and that’s not always as easy and glamorous as it seems on television and in movies. him away for weeks, and months at a time, wondering whether or not he’s safe when you don’t hear from him. sleeping with the phone by the bed, assuming the worst everytime it rings.

    there’s a lot of positives to dating a guy in the military, especially the special forces, the confidence they posses can be toxicatingly attractive, you can almost get drunk and hooked on that, i sure as hell have. but none of that comes without sacrifices. On their part……as well as yours

  • henrypaul23336

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  • lightrebellion

    I’ve known enough people who’ve joined the military who aren’t what you describe at all. Sure, there are a number of good men who join, but for every good one there is one who wants to kill things or sleep with as many women as possible. These same traits apply to so many men out of uniform, too. I’m a teacher, I volunteer at animal shelters and at soup kitchens, I donate blood–everything this article favors is stuff I’d do for a woman, but I’m single.

    Basically, a lot of it the attraction IS about how good these men look in uniform, or how they devoted themselves to a 16-year war for oil, and it shouldn’t be. Us regular guys can be just as good.

  • MGTOW Truth

    Here’s another reason. Leeching off his military benefits so you never have to work a day in your life.

  • leonard ( served in peacetime)

    Oh, I get it! When a “military” guy picks up something heavy or does something helpful, he is NEVER accused of doing it for the propose of getting her into the sack. And when he “takes charge” ,he is not accused of being a control freak. And let me guess,when HE shows unselfishness and integrity, it is then called “loyalty”, instead of being a ticket to the friendzone. The double standards abound, and will continue to do so.

  • Larry J

    Eh, I’ve got 14 years of service and not once have women found me “irresistible.”
    I’ve found that women find attractive men “irresistible” and so that holds true for attractive military men.
    But for me, being short and kinda ugly, my military status never amounted to a hill of beans.

    • jackthecat2010

      “But for me, being short and kinda ugly, my military status never amounted to a hill of beans.” wow, don’t be hard on yourself, brother. I was in the Army for 25 years, and it’s not like I had a harem myself.

  • DebrinaMaria

    Beachbetty you just confirmed just how miserable, stressed out, and horrible it is being married to a Military man, that theguydude and thousands of other articles on the internet describe…. It is extremely difficult being married to a Military man, no doubt about it. Just wished in my case I would have gotten out before I fell in love. Miserable life. More lows than HIGHS. You both said a lot of truthful things. I know from 18 plus years of experience living it and around it. You have to be a very strong and special kind of Woman to endure it. The men as well. And if you make it last and work, consider yourself very dedicated, loyal and tough as hell.

  • Crystal Chong

    This is BS. Most of them do “ghost” and don’t take responsibility. Author is inexperienced and looking at military men through rose coloured glasses.

    • jackthecat2010

      you must’ve been married to a military man at one time. but i do agree, they’re not gods.

  • Antago Dynamaur

    “Military” is so generic. Many people fight in God’s military among the people;
    what you mean to say is that you want a military Nationalist who fights for the Satanic government, because in your world that is all that matters, that is the only symbolic respect, and the only way to fight for someone. Jesus taught us that many of the downtrodden, unkempt people who are berated on a daily basis & ignored for not being slaves of the capitalist regime are God’s soldiers. They face oppression and endangerment on a daily basis, and fight for their lives. If you want to glorify something, be sure that you specify which military matters to you, and make no mistake about it, the American government is a Satanic synagogue. We presume you have a fetish for Satan’s soldiers.