Man Throws $1,000 Over Balcony In Mall Of America To A Choir Of ‘Let It Snow,’ Gets Arrested (Video)

12/3/13 12:16PM EST

Man Throws 1000 Over Balcony in Mall of America to a Choir of Let it Snow Gets Arrested Video Man Throws $1,000 Over Balcony In Mall Of America To A Choir Of Let It Snow, Gets Arrested (Video)

Serge Vorobyov wanted to spread a little holiday cheer on Black Friday. He took $1000 in singles up to the fourth floor of the Mall of America, waited for the Italian Trio below to begin singing “Let it Snow,” then sent the money slowly cascading over the balcony.

The crowd below wasn’t disturbed. Video of the incident, taken by Vorobyov’s brother, shows that most people slowly scooped up some bills around them, and those close to the singers threw more bills onto the stage, apparently amused.

Security in the Minnesota mall, however, failed to appreciate the 29-year-old’s stunt. According to ABC News, mall security arrested Vorobyov for disorderly conduct. A mall spokesman said he could have caused a major disturbance, which could have lead to people getting hurt. After officials confirmed there were no injuries, Vorobyov was released with only a citation and a one-year ban from the mall.

After the incident, Vorobyov took to YouTube to tell his side of the story. He explains in a short clip that he’s “had a really tough year” and he wanted to use his “last thousand dollars” to “spread some holiday cheer” in a sort of last hurrah.

He still says the stunt was all in good fun. “I think all the people down there enjoyed it. I hope you all enjoyed it. I enjoyed it, I thought it was fun. And I think the singers enjoyed it.”

He also disagrees with the citation. “I don’t see how holiday cheer is disorderly conduct.”