Not Getting ‘Likes’ On Your Status Updates? Maybe You Should Blame Facebook (Video)

1/16/14 11:47AM EST

The Problem With Facebook Video Not Getting Likes On Your Status Updates? Maybe You Should Blame Facebook (Video)

We can all agree that Facebook isn’t what it used to be, for any number of reasons. And lately you might think many of your friends have fallen inactive on the widely popular site.

Derek Muller of Veritasium says that might be an illusion. Your friends and family members who don’t seem to post as often may just be hidden from your newsfeed.

Facebook’s ever-evolving algorithm now hides the majority of posts unless one of two things is true: the post does really well when it’s first posted, or the original poster paid for added visibility.

Muller really starts to get to the heart of the problem about four minutes in.

When Facebook launched the functionality that allowed us to promote personal posts, one reporter commented quite astutely that we are all now advertisers. And that is the problem with Facebook: we are all advertisers, because Facebook can’t figure out another way to monetize its humongous user base.”

Muller goes on to explain, “The result of Facebook’s business model is a misalignment of incentives. Users just want to see the best content out there, but increasingly, they’re just being shown the content from the highest bidder.”

And where does all this money go?

In 2013, “Facebook made $7.5 billion, but that all went back to the company and shareholders, not the people who make the great content, who are mainly your friends and family,” according to Muller.

Compare this to Youtube’s system, in which profits tend to find their way back to the creators of content, “the very people who make the site worth visiting.”


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