Put Down The Phone: This Video Will Make You Think Twice Next Time You Take A Selfie

7/7/14 2:36PM EST

If you can’t even spend a day — nay, a few hours — without taking a selfie, then chances are you’re not alone. But just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it right, and this video proves how much we need a therapy group for those addicted to taking selfies and other super cliché pictures.

In a hilarious (and all too relatable) YouTube video, creators Tripp and Tyler show what a 12-step program for “selfie-holics” would probably sound like, with participants admitting to their latest selfie slip-up in a round of confessions that sounds embarrassingly like they’re describing many of our own latest picture posts.

I just feel like if I show everyone how much I travel, they’ll think I’m more important than I really am,” Selfie-holic Todd confesses about his picture of a window-seat view on the plane.

Been there. Done that.

Look, we’re all trying to feel important,” another selfie-holic admits. “I mean, I only use profile pictures where I have a microphone and there’s stage lighting.”

The group doesn’t exist to our knowledge, but we definitely wouldn’t mind mandatory enrollment of everyone on the Internet in this 12-step program to address a problem that is getting a little out of hand.

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