Rollerskating Chimp And Three-Way With Teenager Never Happened, But Goldfish Eating Did, Says Real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Character

12/10/13 3:59PM EST

Rollerskating Chimp And Three Way With Teenager Never Happened But Goldfish Eating Did Says Real Wolf of Wall Street Character Rollerskating Chimp And Three Way With Teenager Never Happened, But Goldfish Eating Did, Says Real Wolf of Wall Street Character

Image via Wolf Of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese’s new movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, isn’t even in theaters yet and it’s already causing a commotion. The movie, set to be released on Christmas Day, is based on Jordan Belfort’s 2007 book of the same name which chronicles the antics at Long Island brokerage house Stratton Oakmont.

The book and movie focus on Belfort, Stratton Oakmont’s co-founder and chairman who was eventually taken down in the 1990s for securities fraud and money laundering. They both tell anecdotes from the firm that are equally outrageous and unbelievable, and U.S. News reports the movie is already a shoe-in for an Oscar.

Based on the trailers, the movie seems to be chock-full of strippers, “dwarf-tossing” and literally throwing money away. It’s sure to be a big hit, but one Stratton Oakmont executive assures us that it’s just a movie.

Danny Porush, co-founder and former president of Stratton Oakmont, appears alongside Belfort in the movie. But his character, played by Jonah Hill, is named Donnie Azoff for legal reasons.

The real Porush is quick to defend himself. “The book…is a distant relative of the truth, and the film is a distant relative of the book,” he said to Mother Jones.

He claims he never did most of what’s written about him in the book, which includes items like suggesting dwarf-tossing, bearing witness to a rollerskating chimpanzee, and having sex with a 17-year-old coworker at the same time as Belfort. To this last offense, he said, “I’m not homophobic, but I never had sex with a girl with another guy. I’ve been with a zillion women, several women at the same time—but only just with women…Also, never any minors.”

Other incidents he says are true, like eating a client’s live fish. “I said to one of the brokers, ‘If you don’t do more business, I’m gonna eat your goldfish!’ So I did,” he recalled to Mother Jones.

Porush doesn’t know much about the movie besides what appears in the trailers, but he is excited to see it. He also notes that, despite not being too keen on his portrayal in the book and movie, he’s not holding any grudges. “I know they want to make a movie that sells,” he said. “And Jordan wrote whatever he could to make the book sell.”