Swedish Marines Recreate Grease Lightning (Video)

1/28/14 10:17AM EST

Swedish Marines Recreate Grease Lightning Video Swedish Marines Recreate Grease Lightning (Video)

screen shot via YouTube

A little known fact: English is a very common second language amongst Swedes. The Scandinavian country best known for it’s modular furniture also counts an elite squad of crack commandos as one of it’s national treasures. The Swedish Marines are in a constant state of vigilance, ready to break out in song and dance at a moment’s notice. Take a look as this band of Svens and Karls channel their inner Travolta on an assault vehicle.

Sweden provided troops to the war effort in Afghanistan as part of the ISAF, so it’s hard to give them too much shit. After all, America’s troops have done song-and-dance routines like this.


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