The Carl’s Jr Super Bowl Commercial No One In the Northeast Saw: Topless Nina Agdal

2/6/13 12:28PM EST

The reason behind the Carl’s Jr. star is finally revealed. Danish supermodel Nina Agdal—who is in the running to grace the cover of next month’s Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue—appears topless in an advert for the fast-food joint. The ad, called, “Sun Tan,” played during the Super Bowl for the entire nation—except for the Northeast where neither Carl’s Jr. nor Hardee’s have a presence. Bikini-clad—and later topless—Agdal lounges on the beach, devouring Carl’s Jr.’s new charbroiled Atlantic cod sandwich.

It’s just me in a bikini, hanging out in Maui, Hawaii, and I brought my fish sandwich,” Nina told “I’m just hanging out on the beach, and this guy comes up – and I think I’m rejecting him – even though he’s really cute and sunburned.

Agdal—who said she went through about 500 sandwiches during the shoot, although she didn’t actually eat them all—says the charbroiled fish is delicious.

The great thing about it is that it’s not fried, it’s under 500 calories and it’s a great alternative to a regular burger.

Like anybody cares or even noticed what she was eating. Agdal is the most recent in a list of sexy starlets to appear for Carl’s Jr., following the likes of Kate Upton, Adriana Partridge and Paris Hilton, to name a few.