The Man Behind Goldman Sachs Elevator Tweets Outed

2/25/14 5:26PM EST

The Man Behind Goldman Sachs Elevator Tweets Outed The Man Behind Goldman Sachs Elevator Tweets Outed

Image via Twitter/TheStalwart

After three years, the man behind the notorious @GSElevator Twitter account has been revealed. As it turns out, the man who shared comments purportedly heard in the halls and elevators of the offices of Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs, never actually worked for the firm that he abbreviated in his Twitter handle.

The account has racked up more than 600,000 followers and includes Tweets such as:

The @GSElevator account was started by 34-year old Texas resident John Lefevre, who said the scandal began as “a joke to entertain myself.” Though he never worked for Sachs, he did have ties to the industry as a former bond executive with CitiGroup.

Despite never becoming an official employee of the company, Lefevre was offered a job as head of debt syndicate at Goldman Sach’s Hong Kong office in 2010, according to the NY Times. Lefevre insists that he and Sachs “cordially agreed to part ways to avoid a public mess,” as his previous employer had him bound to a noncompete agreement and threatened legal action against both Lefevre and Sachs.

Lefevre has been questioned as to whether he misrepresented himself as an employee of Goldman Sachs through his tweets. He defends that he never actually said that he worked for the firm in any of the tweets, nor were they implicit attacks solely on one company. As Lefevre sees it, “The stories aren’t about Goldman Sachs in particular. It was about the culture in general.”

For three years, Lefevre managed to keep his identity anonymous, taking measures to scrub mentions of his name across the Internet. Still, his mischievous actions and alter-ego did not stop publisher Touchstone from offering Lefevre a publishing deal worth six figures to write a book based on the Twitter stories, according to CNBC.

Goldman Sachs appeared to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. “We are pleased to report that the official ban on talking in elevators will be lifted effective immediately,” the investment bank giant said in a statement.


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