These Moms Made A Hilarious Iggy Azalea Parody Video To Remind Us That Pregnancy Is Not Fancy

Meg and Elle from What’s Up Moms, an LA-based mommy blog that touts its ability to make fast-paced, fun and informative videos on mommy-ing, made a hilarious spoof video of Iggy Alalea’s smash hit single Fancy. Although they can’t “get drunk on the mini-bar,” you actually may prefer this version to the original.

They cover everything related to pregnancy. Not sleeping, difficulty bending over and a bunch of other funny observations. Can’t say that I can personally relate all that much. The only pregnant woman I’ve ever really known was my mother, and as hard as I try, I can’t seem to remember how it all went down.


Though what I can relate to is the awkwardness of getting belly rubs by strangers. Really wish that would stop happening.

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