Twitter Redesign Looks An Awful Lot Like Facebook

4/8/14 11:11AM EST

Twitter Redesign Looks An Awful Lot Like Facebook Twitter Redesign Looks An Awful Lot Like Facebook

Image via Twitter

Twitter has started to roll out its redesign for a few celebrity tweeters. When all users find their new Twitter profile in the coming weeks, they will see more prominent photos, larger placement for popular tweets and a timeline format. In effect, the new look makes Twitter seem an awful lot like Facebook .

The new timeline breakdown allows users to view stand-alone tweets, tweets with photos and video or just tweets and replies when landing on a feed. Everyone will have a larger cover photo as well as the photo at the top left of the home page. Twitter’s new emphasis on photos and the format of its redesign recalls Facebook on numerous visual points. As for the tweets, the most popular will show up larger in a user’s Twitter feed than those that got little engagement.

For example, this tweet from Floyd Mayweather about his gambling winnings on the NCAA Championship figured prominently in the boxer’s feed.

Meanhwhile, Mayweather’s more pedestrian tweet from a day earlier — about hanging out and watching TV — has a smaller showing in the champ’s feed.

Twitter users will also be able to pin a representative tweet to the top of their profile page to give visitors a snapshot of what they’ll find. Among the first users who already have the redesigned Twitter in action, First Lady Michelle Obama (@FLOTUS) and Channing Tatum (@channingtatum) join Mayweather and a few other celebrities in the mix.

The social media microblogging platform clearly liked some aspects of Facebook enough to emulate its style. If you don’t like the way Facebook looks but have been happy with Twitter, the redesign may be tough to take.


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