Utah Woman Charged With Murder Of 6 Babies Found In Garage

4/14/14 2:10PM EST

Utah Woman Charged With Murder Of 6 Babies Found In Garage Utah Woman Charged With Murder Of 6 Babies Found In Garage

screen shot via Fox 13

A Utah woman was arrested and charged with the murder of six babies found in the garage of her previous home, KTSU News of Salt Lake City reports. In total, seven dead babies were discovered in the residence after police responded to the call made by the woman’s ex-husband.

Megan Huntsman, 39, is believed to be the mother of all seven babies found dead in cardboard boxes at the home in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Darren West, Huntsman’s ex-husband who fathered the children with her, called police after uncovering one of the small corpses in a cardboard box while cleaning out his garage, KTSU reports. Once they arrived, six more cardboard boxes containing the bodies of infants were found at the scene.

Police arrested Huntsman shortly thereafter, charging her with six counts of murder, though the number will likely expand to cover the seventh dead body found. Mug shots of Huntsman show a clearly deranged woman who is reported to have given birth to the seven dead babies over the course of 10 years. Three of Huntsman’s daughters, between the ages of 13 and 20, currently live at the Utah home where the discovery was made.

West, Huntsman’s ex-husband, had not been charged with a crime at press time. Judging by the fact he called police to report the grisly discovery, investigators are beginning their inquiry under the assumption West had no inkling Huntsman was killing and stashing the babies in the garage of their home.

Police took DNA samples from both West and Huntsman to confirm the paternity of the dead infants. How does a man not question the deaths of seven babies? It’s unclear how West could have lived with Huntsman and not suspected some type of foul play. Utah news reports say West was recently released from jail after serving time for drug charges.


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