Why Do They Even Bother Interviewing Coach Popovich? (Video)

1/10/14 10:09AM EST

Why Do They Even Bother Interviewing Coach Popovich Video Why Do They Even Bother Interviewing Coach Popovich? (Video)

screen shot via YouTube/ESPN

Gregg Popovich is arguably the best active coach in pro basketball. Inarguably, he is the worst interview. This guy makes Bill Belichick seem like a sweetheart in comparison. Coach Pop is notorious for destroying reporters with biting sarcasm and thinly-veiled ridicule in practically every press conference he’s ever given. You can tell that Pop genuinely despises talking to the media. During a break in Wednesday night’s Spurs-Mavericks blowout, Jeff Van Gundy seems to be terrified of Coach Pop.

At first I thought Pop was going to rip Gundy a new one, but ended up hugging the shell-shocked reporter. Is Pop finally softening up in his old age? Probably not. At all.


You seriously managed to spell Stanford wrong in the headline... wow. 

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