Woman Throws Shoe At Hillary Clinton During Las Vegas Speech (Video)

4/11/14 1:32PM EST

Hillary Rodham Clinton had a pretty quick reaction to an audience member hurling her shoe at the former Secretary of State during a Las Vegas speech on Thursday, April 10. Just moments after Clinton stood up on stage for an Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries meeting at the Mandalay Bay hotel/casino, she dodged the projectile and managed to make a Cirque du Soleil joke.

Is that somebody throwing something at me? Is that part of Cirque du Soleil?” Clinton quipped in the video of the incident. “My goodness, I didn’t know that solid waste management was so controversial.”

Security at the Mandalay Bay hotel/casino quickly forced the woman to leave the meeting, after which she was taken into federal custody by Secret Service, according to CNN. The woman, who remains unidentified, was not a ticketed guest and managed to make her way past hotel security nonetheless.

Mark Carpenter, spokesman of the recycling institute, stated, “Our staff denied [the protester] access before she later rushed past security. An ISRI staffer then stopped her as she approached the stage. She was then handed over to law enforcement,” reported USA Today.

The ISRI stands for nearly 2,000 companies that work to process materials like metals, plastics, glass, textiles, rubber, and paper. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, also spoke at the meeting, but not receive a projectile aimed for his face.

Clinton continues her tour of speeches on the West Coast as she gears up for the 2016 presidential election, for which CNN calls her an “overwhelming favorite.”


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