10 Reasons Why Change Is A Good Thing

Image via Unsplash/Andrea Boldizsar

Change is scary. The future is unknown and, by nature, we have no guarantee that our lives will go how we’d like them to. This is nerve-wracking for many of us, who like security and guarantees. If the thought of change is unsettling for you, think of these 10 reasons change is good:

1. External Changes Can change You

Changes in your life can make you more flexible, understanding and logical. Embrace changes, and you can feel yourself grow as a human being.

2. Internal Changes Can Often Be Controlled

The idea of change allows you to become the person you want to be. If you want to be a better listener, you can practice and change yourself. If you want to be more compassionate, remind yourself daily and work toward your goal.

3. Change Ensures Life Stays Interesting.

It’s responsible for everything from fashion trends to the rise and fall of empires. Change means you’ll have new experiences today than you had a year ago.

4. Change Leads To Opportunities And Experiences.

Maybe your job requires you to move to a new city. Maybe you get bored and decide to travel the world. Or maybe you just want to try that new coffee place down the street. Each change is an invitation for other changes and opportunities.

5. Change Ensures That Bad Situations Can’t Last Forever.

You won’t find yourself in a bad apartment or a dead-end job forever. Changes can improve everything in your life, from your career to your friends.

6. Change Allows You To Move On.

Once those bad situations do change, you’ll be able to focus on new circumstances and new reasons to be happy. Whatever you didn’t like can stay in the past.

7. Change Leads To Progress.

Change can lead to promotions, families and retirement. And don’t forget about compound interest.

8. Change Documents The Passage Of Time.

Seasons change, people grow up and new technologies emerge. People can count their lives by the changes they’ve been through.

9. Without Change, Google Would Still Look Like This. And Nobody Wants That.



10. Change Is Inevitable.

If you’re not convinced that change can be good, remember that it’s inevitable anyway. You may not like change, but it’ll be a lot easier on you if you just let things take their course.