13 Pickup Lines Women Might Actually Respond (Well) To

Columbia Pictures/Hitch

It’s very hard to get a strange woman to talk to you with a single sentence (which is usually the amount of time it takes for her to decide you’re creepy and walk away from you). All the corny lines and the meta-corny lines (in other words, saying the corny lines mockingly so she’ll know you’re joking-but-actually-trying-to-pick-her-up) have been used and over-used to the point of no return.

However, there’s still hope. The following pick-up lines are either disguised as genuine questions or so bizarre and silly that they basically beg for a reply.

1. Do I know you from somewhere?

It’s hard to resist a possible “Wow, I totally remember you from that one weird party in college” moment, even if she has heard this one a thousand million times before.

2. Say I was a pirate. All pirates have to have some defining feature, like a peg leg or a patch over their eye. What would mine be?

This offers a creative opening to some odd and easy bar banter. Congratulations! Oh, right, I almost forgot the parrot punch line with the shoulders… you know, it ends with you putting your arm around the beguiled lady after you ask which shoulder you’d put your parrot on.

3. How old do you think I am?

People love to play the age guessing game when they’ve been given the go-ahead (no one can ask out of the blue — it’s offensive). This is also intriguing. “Why would this man ask me that?” a woman might wonder. “He must have something interesting to reveal after all…”

4. You look just like my best friend in college. I’m not kidding — you seriously look just like her.

Since you didn’t say ex-girlfriend or first girlfriend, you might be in the clear with this one! You’ll also show her that you have had healthy, non-sexual relationships with women, making you potentially a decent guy.

5. If you could be anywhere in the world right now other than here, where would you be?

This question definitely constitutes coming on strong, but it might make a woman do a double take. It shows that you want to hear her talk (this very well may require a rambling answer) and actually want to get to know something about her.

6. What books are you reading right now?

You’re assuming she’s intellectual enough to be reading a book, and once you find out which one it is, it’ll be easy to talk (or listen to her talk, if you haven’t read it) for a while.

7. You wanna make a bet with me?

Leave off there until she responds, then come up with something that relates to what’s going on around you (will the guy with the scraggly hair at the bar buy another beer?). When she finds out you’re just trying to have some fun and aren’t breaking out in a classically boring, corny pickup line, you might just have her attention until the scraggly-haired guy buys a beer…or not.

8. You are the second most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

A slight twist on an old favorite, this one might just interest her enough to ask who number one is…

9. I was wondering if you could tell me how to get to the Met from here?

Name a more obscure museum/cultural institution for even more points. Also, this one’s good because you can play it off like you’re not even coming onto her.

10. My friend told me this was the best bar in the city. You’re making me think that he might be right. Is he?

You get to compliment her without coming on too strong and keep the conversation open with a question about a neutral topic. All good things.

11. Let me guess. Your number starts with [insert area code of your choosing].

Asking for her number without directly asking for her number is more likely to get you her number. Plus, you get to compliment her by guessing she’s from a cool place and then starting a conversation about it.

12. Bourbon — that’s my favorite drink, too. I was about to get another round. You want one?

Replace bourbon with whatever else she might be drinking (unless it’s disgusting), and you’re good to go. You’re giving her something you have in common before just out of nowhere offering the drink — it will put her more at ease and be more likely to open her up to the offer.

13. Hi. My name’s [your name]. How are you?

The classic, simple answer is the right one sometimes. And if you introduce yourself before asking about her, your politeness might just impress her (especially in a world where being polite has gone somewhat out of fashion).