15 Actions That Will Make Your Girlfriend Adore You (Even More)

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If you’re lucky enough to have an adoring girlfriend in the first place, you must be doing something right. However, if you’re doing that good of a job, you know the secret. There’s always another action you can take to make her swoon, such as:

1. Bringing Her Lunch At Work

Extra points if you remembered additional napkins and some kind of dessert.

2. Buying Her Tampons

It will show that you’re not too insecure with your masculinity to buy feminine products, and that you’re in tune with what a woman needs when you go so far as to buy her the right size depending on the time of her flow.

3. Knowing How To Turn An Argument With Her Into A Productive Conversation


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You know what turns-of-phrase you could use to set her off. Therefore, you purposefully avoid them in favor of a) questions that elicit her opinion and b) acknowledgements that you understand her character.

4. Stocking Your Fridge With Her Favorite Beverage

A 12-pack of diet, cherry colas will melt the heart of any woman (who happens to love diet cherry cola).

5. Anticipating Her Reactions

You know that she’ll be tired after working an extra long shift, so you make the bed for her, dim the lights, and put on her favorite going-to-sleep soundtrack, all in anticipation of her coming home from work cranky.

6. Hanging Out With Her Friends

Just agreeing to get to know the people she spends the rest of her free time counts as a caring gesture.

7. And Then Actually Remembering Things About Them

This takes that first gesture to a slightly higher level. It shows that you went out of more than pure obligation. You were also willing to take it as an opportunity to meet and learn about new people, whom your girlfriend also happens to care a lot about. You’ve made it into Level 2 of The Caring Boyfriend Game.

8. And Then Doing Them Favors

Now taking it way above and beyond, you’ve found out that one of her friends with a small dog is going out of town next weekend, so, since you happen to be pretty cool with dogs, you offer to take care of it for her in her absence. That’s some Level 3 shit, man.

9. Learning About Her Favorite Hobby

If she loves comic books, and then you decide to see what all of the fuss is about by going to the local comic book store and reading a few, you’ve made an effort to not only understand her passions better, but also to create a dialogue about the art form you already know she enjoys discussing.

10. Encouraging Her To Vent To You


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This will make her feel like she doesn’t have to hold anything back from you, and that you care about her enough to want her to let out her anger (when she’s harboring some).

11. Taking Genuine Interest In Her Work

On a similar note, asking her about her day at work (and actually paying attention to her answer) shows that you want to be an active player in her life’s cast of characters.

12. Two Words: Back Massage

Substitute “back” with “foot” and you’ve covered everything a walking woman could hope for.

13. Recording Her Favorite Show When She’s Out

You may not be the biggest fan of “Law and Order: SVU,” but you know if she misses this week’s newest episode, she’ll go nuts.

14. Asking Her To Tell You If You’re Doing Something That Bothers Her

Again, this will make her feel empowered in your relationship. As long as she’s not being unreasonable, she should be able to ask you to meet her halfway on these sorts of issues.

15. And Then, Quitting That Habit

Because you care more about her feelings than about being stubborn for yourself.