15 Benefits Of Getting Married You Might Not Realize

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These days, most couples might not feel the pressure to get married. They’re committed to each other, live together, and don’t feel the need to get married, and that is becoming more and more socially acceptable. If you’re on the fence about marrying your partner, you might want to think twice and weigh the pros and cons. Marriage is more than a big party and a piece of paper; there are benefits you need to know about before you decide what to do in your relationship.

1. True Love

Sure, it should be obvious, but let’s just put it on the record. If you’re crazy in love with someone, getting married is a great way to solidify that commitment and show the world that you choose each other.

2. Improved Mental Health

It might sound crazy, but happily married people are more stable, mentally. There’s just something to the security of marriage, of having someone by your side for better or for worse, being your cheerleader and helping you through the ups and downs. Sure beats trying to handle that rollercoaster with no support system.

3. Filing Joint Taxes

When you’re married, you can file separately or jointly. The perk to filing jointly is that, if your spouse makes more money than you, you can file under your lower income to keep from being put into a higher tax bracket. You also get to take a larger standard deduction for being married. And, don’t forget, you only have to file taxes once instead of once for each of you.

4. Estate Tax Deductions

In addition to the annual federal and state taxes, you get other tax benefits if you’re married. When someone dies and leaves their estate, there is a hefty tax that the recipient has to pay when they receive the estate. If you’re married and leave your estate to your spouse, there’s no estate tax to pay.

5. IRA, Pension Plan, And Social Security Benefits

When it comes to IRAs, pension plans, and Social Security benefits, being married means that both spouses can accept the money whether they’re employed, have plans of their own, or not. Marriage is a combining of assets, and these benefits show that it’s really true. If you were simply in a domestic partnership and wanted to take advantage of these plans, you’d have a long legal journey ahead.

6. Health Insurance Savings

Being married means you can have a family insurance plan. You get to “shop” for insurance if both spouses are employed. Whose job offers the best insurance? Sign up for that one. Or if one spouse doesn’t work or is self-employed, they can get insurance through the other’s employer.

7. Family Leave From Work

If your spouse is battling an illness, you can take family leave from your job to stay home, or work from home, and support them. If you’re just living with your partner with no legal ties, your job won’t let you take this leave, unless they’re very understanding.

8. Visitation Rights

Whether your spouse is in the hospital or in jail, sometimes the only visitors allowed are family. It would be horrible to not be able to see your partner during such a hard time just because you’re not married.

9. Dying Without A Will

It’s an awful thought, but if your spouse dies without a will, belongings are left to family. If you’re not married, this might mean that your spouse’s estranged siblings get everything and you get nothing! Instead of fighting it out in court, being married means that the spouse is the next of kin in regards to this, and in many other legal matters.

10. Making Medical Decisions

This is another example of a spouse being next of kin, and being allowed to make major decisions. It’s important for your spouse to know what you want in case of a horrible accident and a lengthy hospital stay, or a debilitating illness. They’re the ones who get to call the shots. If you’re not married, your partner might know you don’t want to be on life support, but the decision will go to your immediate family, whether they know what you want or not.

11. Buying A Home

It seems unfair, but married couples usually have an easier time buying a house. Mortgage companies often see domestic partners as high risk for a home loan because they might break up and have to sell the house before it’s paid off. Of course, it’s true that married couples can break up as well, but they would legally have to divide assets, so it’s still a safer investment for mortgage companies.

12. Insurance Savings

Most insurance companies offer discounts for family coverage, but this goes beyond health insurance! If you and your spouse share an insurance company, you could get discounts on car insurance for having multiple vehicles, and a more affordable home insurance for being a family.

13. Spousal Privilege

Spousal privilege is a legal term that will keep you from testifying against your spouse in court, and vice versa. This applies to civil and criminal cases, and applies from the start of your marriage and goes beyond divorce or death. Hopefully you won’t need this one, but it’s always nice to know it’s there. You can tell your sweetie all your secrets without fear of incrimination.

14. Immigration/Residency Benefits

If you’re trying to become a citizen of another country, marrying a native will grant you that citizenship. Within the United States, marrying a resident of a different state and moving there to live will make you a resident of that state, too.

15. Adoption

Adoption if you’re single or unmarried isn’t impossible, of course, but it’s infinitely easier if you’re married. This applies whether you’re adopting a baby from another country or your partner’s children from a previous marriage.

These benefits are laid out so you’re informed before you make a decision to marry or just live together. Trust your feelings and know if you should marry your partner or not. None of these benefits mean anything if you’re not happy in your relationship.