16 Reasons Fairytale Movies Are Perfect For Millennials


From “Cinderella” to “Maleficent” to “Into the Woods” to the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast,” “Pan” and “The Huntsman,” there have been and will be a lot of fantasy and fairytale adaptations in movie theaters lately. The question is why? Has Hollywood run out of original ideas? Probably, but that’s not the only reason; Hollywood also knows that fairytale movies appeal to teens and young people in general for a very specific set of reasons.

1. You need to escape.


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Fantasies and fairytales are extremely unlike real life, which is why they’re the perfect escape. Opulent settings, magical powers, talking animals, gorgeous dresses… it’s all escapism, and movie producers know that. They also know that most millennials’ lives are notably short on things like jobs, magical powers and financial independence. So they know young people will gladly surrender themselves to the big screen for a few hours in order to immerse themselves in a fantasy world.

2. You don’t have any money.

And people who don’t have any money need escapism! It all comes full circle. Also, movies about castles and princesses usually feature amazing costumes, sparkling jewelry, and shiny gold and silver things and often end happily ever after. You know, when the heroine gets to live in a castle and doesn’t have to spend all her time futilely searching for jobs or paying off student loans.

3. Childhood classics are comforting…

They bring you back to the days of naïve childhood innocence, when you didn’t have any adult cares or responsibilities.

4. … and adaptations provide a darker, more adult twist.

You get that same familiar childhood story from a new angle. Even if that angle is completely predictable and unoriginal, it still comes with the comforting fairytale you know and love. So you’ll take it.

5. ‘90s nostalgia is all the rage right now.

Many classic Disney fairytales came out in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s: “Beauty and the Beast,” “Aladdin,” “Mulan,” “The Little Mermaid.” These were major life influences for people who are now in their 20s, and we’ve finally reached a time when the ‘90s are far enough in the past that it’s socially acceptable to be nostalgic for that decade. Therefore, new versions of the movies we loved in the ‘90s are going to be used to attract millennials to the theater in a catnip-like fashion for some time to come.

6. Fairytale morality is black and white.

There will be an evil stepmother or evil pirate captain, and that person is nasty. In some cases, that person will be good and the supposedly good king or queen or princess will be evil. Either way, someone is evil and the hero of the movie has to triumph over that evil. This gives you a clear-cut sense of control and righteousness that is missing from real life, where you cannot drive a sword through the heart of everyone who offers you a low wage or threatens to raise your rent.

7. Good people usually win.

Horrible things might happen to them first, but they’ll be all right in the end. This is something millennials need to believe in.

8. Romance is alive.

Most people would scoff at seeing a romance movie, but put that romance within the context of a fairytale and it becomes much more acceptable. It also contributes to the general feeling of happiness and optimism you get from a fairytale, what with all the magic and love, and bad guys dying horrible deaths.

9. So is actual magic.


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Fairytales have magic in them. Magic = awesome special effects = fuel for your daydreams about how you’d like to destroy your office and declare yourself the new ruler of the kingdom you just invented.

10. Fairytale logic is completely insane, but also satisfying.

There’s something refreshing about random rules like only being able to stay out until midnight, at which point a coach will become a pumpkin and footmen will become mice, or people who take revenge on others by cursing them or their children in creative ways instead of just killing them. It’s nice to watch movies in which everyone just admits what they want and that they’re not afraid to curse someone to get it.

11. You can never be embarrassed seeing a fairytale movie.


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Basically, any embarrassing aspect of the movie can be written off with the excuse that it’s a fairytale and it brings you back to your childhood. “But I loved this story when I was a kid!” you can say to anyone who questions your viewing choices, and then they’ll feel bad about themselves.

12. There won’t be any singing… but there might be.

There are so many choices these days that you can have whatever you want. Want a movie without singing? There are plenty! Want an adaptation of a Broadway musical? You can have that, too!

13. It helps remind you that crazy, imaginative stories aren’t just for kids.


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Even adults need their imaginations stimulated once in a while; it’s not all about escapism. Fairytales have so many interpretations, versions and settings that it’s possible to see two different versions of one story and get something completely different out of them. Inspiration can be found in the corniest of places.

14. Modern versions of fairytales usually have powerful heroines.

Unlike many of the older Disney versions, where things usually just happen to someone and she needs a prince to rescue her, modern fairytales at least try for a little empowerment, which is nice.

15. Mythical animals.


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Everyone loves dragons.

16. Fairytales make you believe in the impossible.

Post-college life in this economy is mostly the opposite of a fairytale, and it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the work-bills-shattered dreams cycle of figuring out what you want to do with your life, how you can do it, what you’ll do if you can’t do it, and whether you’ll ever be able to afford anything. Fairytales, however implausible and unrealistic they may be, remind you how important it is to believe in things that seem impossible — maybe they actually will be possible someday. (Although you probably still won’t have a dragon.)