17 Ways To Melt The Heart Of A Girl Born In The ’90s


Grand, public, romantic gestures were the way to a woman’s heart… at least, that’s what women born in the ’90s believed when they were under the age of 18. Back before a sext was the way to a potential lover’s heart, you had to make a louder statement to get the same warm and fuzzy feelings stirring inside her.

Of course, movies are the culprit behind this sentiment, but they’re not the only memorable relics from her child and teenhood that will make a ’90s-born woman dissolve in your arms. Channel your inner Freddie Prinze, Jr. and win her over by acting out any of these admittedly over-the-top gestures:

1. Make her a mix tape.

A mix CD will do just fine, but don’t you dare use a USB and simply transfer some songs to her laptop. It doesn’t have the personal touch of whatever cute note/doodles you can adorn her new CD with! She probably still has a Walkman or a boom box somewhere.

2. Put songs from the Backstreet Boys on that mix tape.


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Every girl born in the ’90s was either a BSB or an *NSYNC fan—they had to choose. Hopefully you guessed right with her. BSB songs were more romantic, anyway.

3. Stand outside of her window and croon the lyrics to those Backstreet Boys songs with four of your best, male friends who look most like Brian, Kevin, AJ, and Nick (yup, you’re Howie).

This is a gesture that cannot go unappreciated. In fact, it works every time (really, the one time I’ve heard about it happening, it led to marriage).

4. After all this is sung and done, watch the recently released Backstreet Boys comeback documentary with her.

The boys are supposed to have conquered a lot of issues (drug addictions, insecurities) and are back to tackle a lot more. Probably no one but you will agree to watch this with her, so it will mean a lot.

5. Find a slap bracelet (in the “treasure box” at your niece’s dentist’s office?) and give it to her.

The fun of slap bracelets extends far beyond her childhood memories, and you’ll be helping her make a modern-day fashion statement.

6. Tell her that she’s “real” in a gravely Ja Rule voice.

You know, the way she walks, the way she moves, the way she talks, the way she stares, the she looks, the style of her hair…

7. When you first meet her, don’t just give her your number.

Do something elaborate and beautiful by writing your number on a dollar bill and then paying for her drink with it. Only chance will determine if you’re right for each other. So when she finally gets that dollar bill just moments before her wedding to another man, she’ll know for a fact that the right thing to do is ditch the wedding and find YOU.

8. Dress up like her favorite Ken doll on your second date.

From Earring Magic Ken to Glitter Beach Ken to Butterfly Art Ken to Totally Hair Ken, you’ve got no shortage of Kens to choose from! With this tactic, you’ll be sure to wow her on your second date. Of course, this requires asking her what her favorite Ken doll was on your first date — so don’t forget!

9. Put a note in her locker.

…or whatever she has now that’s locker equivalent and isn’t digital. Who doesn’t miss the physicality of a note you can fold up and put in your back pocket and stare at and sigh whenever you’re not with the note-giver?

10. Paint her nude form in a car.

Duh. No one had to tell you that this is a “Titanic” reference, right?

11. Go the secret admirer route with a long, anonymous email correspondence.

When you finally meet in real life only to discover that you’ve known each other for months as business foes, it will be that much sweeter.

12. Get up on stage at a concert, wedding, whatever kind of event with a stage you’re attending together, and sing a song just for her.

The heart-melting capabilities of this gesture surely transcend decades, but based on the kind of movies girls born in the ’90s grew up with, they’ve got a particularly soft spot for you making a fool of yourself in front of crowds to prove your undying love.

13. Tell her she dresses kind of like that girl from “Clueless.”

Obviously Cher comes to mind first, but you can’t go wrong with this statement—any of those girls will do when it comes to style comparisons…after Tai gets her makeover.

14. Perform a choreographed dance to “Livin’ la Vida Loca.”

Maybe only try this one if you at least vaguely resemble Ricky Martin.

15. Go a day without sending her any text messages or emails, then show up at her place unannounced with flowers.

Don’t be rude and ignore her if she’s texting you repeatedly, but make a point of surprising her with the in-person, old-fashioned greeting women have been blushing over for centuries. Young women who grew up with romance outside the context of social media will appreciate this kind of thing.

16. Tell her that if she were a Spice Girl, she’d be Baby Spice.

It will flatter her, because for some reason, Baby was every girl’s favorite.

17. She’s been sad about how her work schedule prevents her from being able to adopt a pet, so get her a Tamagotchi.

Helping her care for it will really seal the deal.