19 Things You Should Tell Your Best Friend Right Now


Best friends exist for a number of reasons, but first and foremost among them is mutual, unwavering support. In order to share that with someone, step one involves saying what’s on your mind, and meaning it. If you’re currently in the same room as your best friend, spill at least one of the following comments right now to remind your friend how much you care, regardless of how corny it might sound.

1. Thanks For Putting Up With My Irrational Fears

Only he knows to subtly pick the cheese of your plate for you when you’re at a dinner party because the stuff scares you to death for no reason. Not many people would bother helping you with something like that.

2. That You’ve Been Looking Forward to Your Hang Out Time Since Monday

You’ve gotten through a tedious and tiring week at work because you guys had plans to go out for drinks at Friday happy hour. She’s the only one who can make the work week fly by for you.

3. That He’s Your Emergency Contact

Just so he’s prepared…and so he won’t feel embarrassed about telling you the same thing.

4. That She’s Always There To Help You Out Of Sticky Situations


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That time you clogged the toilet at her grandmother’s house would have been a lot worse if she didn’t unblinkingly spend forty minutes in the bathroom with you, helping you sort the situation out because you were too embarrassed to go to her parents.

5. That Only He Knows How Many People You’ve Slept With

This kind of intimacy is more important than what you’ve shared with the people on your list.

6. How She Introduced You To Your Favorite Band

Ever since you were eight, you and your BFF bonded over your mutual love for the Backstreet Boys. Now, your most played song is still one she recommended for you, and it means a lot.

7. That He’s the Only Person You Can Say Anything To

You have to put on a brave face for everyone else, but in front of him, you can eat ice cream and rant about your bitchy ex-girlfriend. He won’t judge.

8. That She Looks Amazing Today

Your best friend relies on you more than almost anyone else for a steady stream of compliments (you know, to maintain morale). Remind her that she looks killer in her outfit, just in case she forgot.

9. That You’ll Buy the Next Round

Whether he’s strapped for cash or you’re just in the mood to treat, this simple gesture should be practiced in every best friend couple.

10. That Your Parents Consider Her a Second Daughter

She’s come on so many family vacations at this point that your parents know exactly how to prevent her from bringing too many pairs of shoes.

11. What You’ve Learned From Him Today

Each time you guys hang out is a learning experience. Whether he’s helped you pick up a lady or showed you a new smartphone app that does your taxes, you appreciate what he’s taught you.

12. About Your Fear of Winding Up Alone (And With Cats!)


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Chances are, your best friend shares this fear, which will leave you feeling much less alone, in the end.

13. That He’s Challenged You More Than Anyone

Only a best friend can make losing a competition feel like winning. You’ll beat him at Magic (if that’s your thing) next round.

14. That You Trust Her Completely

Remind her that she’s the only person you turn to to ask whether you’ve got something in your teeth, because you know she’ll be honest with you.

15. Your Most Secret Life Dream

If he doesn’t know it already, it’s time to tell your best friend about your current aspirations. He’ll be supportive and give you realistic advice, whether you want to be a famous chef or high school basketball coach.

16. That You Can’t Picture Your Life Without Her

Or, you can imagine it; it would just be too boring to waste time on.

17. Where You Hide Your Keys

In he ever needs to crash at your place because his girlfriend flipped a shit, this information will remind your best friend that your home is his home.

18. That She Knows You Better Than You Know You

So ask her whether she thinks you really like this guy/job/apartment, or are you faking it? She’ll have an answer when you’re unsure of yourself.

19. That You Love Him


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Life without a best friend is like…being a fish who lives in a glass bowl without colorful pebbles and fun, plastic trees—totally empty. Remind your best friend how much he means to you and exalt in your rich, shared existence.