20 Ways To Motivate Yourself Every Day


We all need a little push now and then. Whether we’re trying to clean the house, train for a race or get a little work done from home, we could use some extra motivation from time to time. So here are 20 ways you can motivate yourself to get moving today:

1. Make A list

Write down everything you need to do today or this week. Seeing everything you need to do can make tasks seem less daunting and help kick-start the process.

2. Start Small

If making a list doesn’t work, rewrite the list and include simple tasks, like checking the mail and making lunch. Start with some quick and easy tasks and work your way up to the real stuff. That way you can get the ball rolling.

3. Start Big

OK, we all work differently. If starting small doesn’t work, try tackling the most challenging tasks first. It’s all downhill from there.

4. Know Your Goal

Write down your goal for this week, this month or even this year. Want to lose 10 lbs? Want to learn French? Write it down and keep it somewhere visible. That way you’ll have a regular reminder of something to work toward.

5. Take A Walk

Clearing your head and getting some fresh air might be kick in the pants you’re looking for.

6. Fake It

Act enthusiastic in the morning. Jump up and down, put a grin on your face and pretend you’re super excited to tackle the day. After pretending you’re excited for just a few minutes, you might actually start to feel that way.

7. Bargain With Yourself

Say to yourself something like, “If I get this done by noon, I can go see a movie later.” It’s the adult equivalent of a gold star.

8. Ask Questions

First thing in the morning, ask yourself questions that will help you get into the right mindset and keep your goals in sight. What are you happy about? What can you do today that you’ll be proud of?

9. Review Your Achievements

Did you shave 10 seconds off your mile time during your run yesterday? Did you make a presentation last week that went especially well? Remember what you’ve done, and then try to improve some more. Compare your current self to yourself, not to anyone else.

10. Find A Role Model

Look into someone who’s been very successful at what you do. Find out that person’s daily routine and try to mimic it.

11. Cancel The Cable

If you’re looking to get somewhere long-term and something like the television keeps distracting you, just get rid of it. If your work doesn’t require internet, turn off your wifi too.

12. Listen To Better Stuff

Put on motivational CDs during your morning commute instead of the same old playlist. Not your cup of tea? Make a playlist of songs to pump you up.

13. Do Some Research

If you’re having trouble getting started, maybe it’s because you just don’t know how to start. Google your task and see how others have approached it.

14. Tell Your Friends

If others know what you’re trying to accomplish, they can help hold you accountable for it. Even if they’re not actively pushing you, you’ll still want to live up to their expectations.

15. Blog About It

Keep a public record of what you’ve done and what you want to do. This will combine a few things: knowing your goals, reviewing your achievements and telling your friends.

16. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

It’s ok to remember your failures – they can be motivation for you to try harder next time – but don’t let them get you down. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

17. Exercise

Physical activity might wear you out in the moment, but a workout regimen can energize you, lift your mood and build your confidence.

18. Eat Well

Like exercise, your diet can change your outlook and energy levels. If you’re feeling sluggish all around, it might be time to change what’s on your plate.

19. Clean Up Your Area

For some people, a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Try keeping your workspace tidy and professional. But don’t use cleaning as an excuse to procrastinate.

20. Dress The Part

If your work environment is casual, you might be more likely to approach your work casually. Try throwing on a collared shirt and a blazer, and then see how you feel. Work from home? Put on some pants, already.