20 Ways To Tell If She’s Flirting With You

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Honestly, identifying flirting behavior is a difficult endeavor for straight men everywhere. How can you possibly tell the difference between a woman who’s making an effort to flirt and one who’s simply being nice? Though no online article will ever be able to answer this question with 100-percent certainty (admittedly), the following indicators will at least give you some promising signs to look out for in a potential female admirer.

1. She Angles Her Body Towards Yours

Body language is key when it comes to discerning if a woman is into you. Crossed arms indicate guardedness, while tilting forward with her legs angled towards yours communicates that she’s fine with the idea of getting close.

2. She Covers Her Mouth When She Laughs

This means she’s a little bit self-conscious about talking to you, which often indicates that she cares how she looks and sounds, which further indicates that she might be romantically interested in you.

3. She Maintains Eye Contact


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If she can focus on your eyes throughout your initial meeting, she’s either a great trained listener or you’ve piqued her attention.

4. She Brings Up Anything Touching On Sex

Referencing a past threesome signifies the woman is thinking about sex in your presence, meaning she’s probably not utterly repulsed by you… yet.

5. She Lets You Buy Her A Drink

However, don’t be fooled with this gesture. It may shock you to hear, but many women will chat up a guy just in time for their drink to appear—as if by magic—at the bar before they quickly turn and walk the other way.

6. She Buys You A Drink

This is a much more surefire indicator that she’s prepared to flirt with you for the long haul (at least one drink’s worth of time).

7. She Isn’t Obviously Searching Around For An Escape

If her eyes wander back behind her head, it means she’s looking for the nearest exit.

8. She Brings Up A Potential Date Idea

She may not frame it so obviously as such, but if she ponders aloud about how seeing that movie you’ve been discussing would be fun to do with someone sometime, don’t hesitate to take that as a hint.

9. She Asks Lots Of Questions

While some women are just plain inquisitive, lots of inquiries are also a great way to prolong conversations you don’t want to end…

10. She Brings Up An Ex

Contrary to serving as an instant turnoff, women (well, people in general) tend to do this to tease out whether or not you have a significant other.

11. You Seem To Run Into Each Other A Lot…

It’s now been three times that you’ve seen this woman around 1pm at the same lunch spot. You both either have the same favorite place to get sandwiches, or she’s made a mental note that you’ll come in around that time everyday (and you should check whether or not you’ve made that note yourself).

12. She Laughs At Your Stupid Jokes


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No one else you know laughed at that knock-knock joke about the talking muffin. It’s kind of suspicious that she burst into giggles before you even got to the punch line, isn’t it?

13. She Adjusts Her Hair And Clothes While You’re Talking

Being fidgety or bored can account for a certain amount of these behaviors, but constant hair smoothing may mean she’s hoping the strands are all in place so she impresses you with her good looks.

14. She Touches You

Reaching out to lightly shove your arm isn’t how just anybody would react to your sarcastic remark. You and your co-workers aren’t going around being touchy feely with each other, are you?

15. She Asks You For A Favor

This gives her an excuse to hang out with you again or for a longer period of time.

16. She’s Ignoring You, But You Catch Her Staring

Lots of ladies are shy, so always consider that the woman giving you lots of furtive glances from the corner might be doing her best to flirt with you.

17. She Blushes

She wouldn’t be embarrassed if she had nothing to lose by looking kind of silly around you.

18. She Acts Noticeably Different Around You vs. Other Guys

If you have the opportunity, pay attention to how she behaves when she’s with other guys. If her behavior really alters, it could be that she’s in flirt mode when you’re by her side. (It could also mean about ten million other things, but let’s assume you have some level of intuition when it comes to human behavior, here).

19. She’s Straightforward

Instead of making vague comments about how she’d like to see you in “the future” or providing cloudy answers to your personal questions, a woman who’s actually flirting with you will be more honest and concrete. If she’s flirting because she wants to see you again, she’ll make an effort to actually put that in motion.

20. She’s Grinning Even After She Walks Away

If you happen to be in a position where you can catch of a glimpse of her face after you guys have parted ways, check to see if she’s still smiling. If a grin lingers on her face, you’re in luck.