20th Anniversary PS4 Sells For $129,000


A recent online auction that had PlayStation aficionados slavering over the world’s rarest PlayStation 4 has ended with the PS4 in question selling for the equivalent of about $129,000.

Sony celebrated the 20th anniversary of the PS4 last year by selling 12,300 limited-edition “retro-themed” devices in the original PlayStation’s gray color, according to the Wall Street Journal. The units were individually numbered; the recent auction, held by Sony Computer Entertainment, sold off the first of these: unit No. 00001.

The auction was open only to bidders in Japan through Yahoo! Auctions, says GameSpot. Unit 00001 received over 1,500 bids before the auction closed on Jan. 25.

A Sony representative told the Wall Street Journal that the final bid of 15.135 million yen was higher than their expectations. As originally agreed upon, Sony will now match the price paid for the PS4 in a donation to Save the Children Japan.

According to the WSJ, the latest PlayStation generation has sold more than 18.5 million units since its introduction in November 2013. Clearly, nostalgia is still strong the device, which retails for around $340 in Japan.