25 Ridiculous Complaints About First World Problems That Make Us Sound Like Massive Brats

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In recent years, a new term has taken off among people living in civilized, and mostly Westernized, parts of the world, allowing them to poke fun at the ridiculous complaints of the privileged: First world problems. On social media, people usually air out their trivial grievances with an added “#firstworldproblems” to imply that even they realize the ridiculousness of what they have to complain about— especially when there are people around the world who don’t even have clean drinking water to survive.

So we took to Twitter and scanned through to highlight some of the most ridiculous complaints about first world problems we could find. Because really, we’re all entitled to a little huff and puff here and there, but maybe we need to gain some perspective and realize that a “first world problem” is not really a problem at all. I’m definitely not trying to call out people to berate anyone specifically about the stupid shit they’re complaining about because I know I’ve been there and said that—just like everyone else I know. Taking a look at a whole stream of these so-called “first world problems,” gives me a pang of shame at the things we find to complain about when there’s nothing real to actually complain about. Here are just 25 ridiculous complaints about first world problems that — truthfully — make us all sound like massive brats.