30 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Image via House Of Cards I Facebook

If you’re looking to beef up your brain muscles, take notes from people who are already mentally strong. Do what they do, and more importantly, don’t do what they don’t do. Here are 30 things that mentally strong people don’t do.

1. Dwell On The Past

Overthinking the past does nothing to improve the present or the future. Mentally strong people don’t waste time on what could have been.

2. Repeat The Past

While you shouldn’t actively think about it all the time, your history makes you who you are, and you should be getting smarter and wiser all the time. Learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating the past.

3. Ignore Advice

Strong, secure people know they’re not perfect, and they embrace that. To that end, they’re always open to taking advice and hearing constructive criticism. It’s one way to drive them to improve.

4. Avoid Change

Change is inevitable, and it’s useless to try to stop it. Accept that change is going to happen, even if you don’t like the specific changes. They could lead to a better future.

5. Keep A Closed Mind

Strong individuals are always open to new ideas and experiences. They’re always looking to expand their horizons, and they understand that everyone around them has something to teach.

6. Stay In Their Comfort Zones

Along the same lines, confident people are willing to reach beyond what they know. They’ll try new foods and visit new places in order to branch out and create experiences.

7. Get Envious

A little jealousy can be a healthy driving factor. It can provide motivation to improve. But excessive jealous and envy become negative, creating anger instead of motivation. Be happy for others and for yourself.

8. Avoid Decisions

To be strong, you must take control of your life and your own decisions. Don’t let others decide your life for you.

9. Let Others Control Them

Likewise, strong people stand up for themselves. You’re the only one who has control over your life, and you shouldn’t let anyone take that away from you.

10. Avoid Risks

Calculated risks are a part of life, and they’re just one way you should be leaving your comfort zone. Push yourself to succeed in new areas and accomplish new goals. But don’t gamble blindly.

11. Think About Failure

Whether its a past failure or the potential for a future one, push it out of your mind. You can’t change mistakes of the past. And as for the future, you’re well-prepared. If you do fail, you’ll know you gave it your best shot.

12. Be Pessimistic

Mentally strong people feel good about their lives and their futures. They never get down about temporary or unimportant things.

13. Throw Pity Parties

If you don’t like something in your life, work to change it or overcome it. There’s no sense in feeling sorry for yourself.

14. Dwell On Their Weaknesses

Everyone has weaknesses and flaws. They’re normal and often good, because they set you apart. If you feel you have room to improve, put in the effort to improve yourself rather than feeling defeated.

15. Try To Please Everyone

At the end of the day, you need to feel good about yourself and your actions. You’ll never be able to please everyone in your life. While it’s important to make an effort for those in your life, remember that you answer to yourself.

16. Find Blame And Fault

Life isn’t perfect, but pointing fingers doesn’t solve problems. Rather than blaming others (or yourself) for any predicament you’re in, work hard to change your predicament and improve your life.

17. Avoid Taking Responsibility

Likewise, you must take responsibility for your actions and for the state of your life. If you’re not where you want to be, make a realistic plan to get there and follow through with it.

18. Be Uncertain

Mentally strong people know exactly what they want in life. They set goals and work hard to achieve them.

19. Be Unclear

They also know how to communicate their goals to others. They are clear about their intentions and actions.

20. Worry About The Future

If you’re certain about what you want and take responsibility for your goals and actions, things will probably work out for you. And even if they don’t, you gave it your all. Worrying about the future won’t better prepare you for what’s ahead.

21. Feel Entitled

Expect that you need to work for everything you want. Some things might be handed to you and make life easier. Feel grateful for those things, not entitled.

22. Let Fear Control Them

Don’t base important decisions on irrational fears. Something could always go wrong, but it rarely does. Work on overcoming your fears and not letting them hold you back.

23. Try To Change Things They Can’t

You can work hard for a lot of things in life, but some things are still out of your power. Accept the things you can’t change, and focus on the ones you can.

24. Make Rash Decisions

Keep your goals in mind, and don’t make rash or impulsive decisions that would mess up your plan. Think things through and decide what you really want to do.

25. Try To Be Secluded In Life

Everyone needs others in their lives. Strong people accept that they need a network of friends, family and support. They don’t try to do everything alone.

26. Avoid Being Alone

There are some times in day-to-day life when you’ll find yourself apart from your support system, and that’s OK, too. Strong people are comfortable being alone with their thoughts.

27. Expect Immediate Changes

Working toward your goals doesn’t mean you’ll achieve them overnight. Show patience and diligence in everything, and know that change is coming.

28. Let Their Emotions Control Them

Of course emotions are natural and necessary, but decisions and actions shouldn’t happen in the heat of the moment. Take a step back from any situation and try to view it logically.

29. Give Less Than Their All

Try your best whenever you start a new endeavor. You’ll never have to wonder what would have happened or regret not giving your all.

30.Give Up

Persevere in everything you do, and try as many times as it takes to succeed.