35 Signs You’re Being Cheated On

Cheating is a really rotten thing to do. If you’re guilty of it, you suck. There’s simply no excuse for bumping uglies with someone when you’re supposed to be committed to someone else. You’ve probably attempted to justify it so you can sleep at night, and maybe you’ve even half-convinced yourself that it’s OK (the person you’re with doesn’t deserve you, you’ve never felt as connected to anyone as you do to this new person, etc.). But we don’t live in a society where people become “trapped” in marriages and relationships anymore. This ain’t “The Bridges of Madison County. It’s easy to get out of a relationship. Divorce runs rampant in our culture, so what reason can there possibly be for staying with one person while banging (or worse, being in love with) another?

If you find that you have an overwhelming attraction to someone else or if you don’t love your significant other anymore, do the civil thing and end the relationship like a decent human fucking being. Even if you hate your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband now, there was a time when they meant the world to you, right? So they deserve better. By cheating on them, you’re damaging their self-esteem and ability to trust  —  possibly beyond repair. And if you’re OK with that, then fuck you. Karma will catch up to you eventually.

If you suspect your significant other is a cheater, you need to find out for sure as soon as you can. There’s no sense in wasting any more of your valuable time with a cheater. The bad news is that if you’re looking at this list out of more than idle curiosity, you probably already have your answer and just don’t want to face it. Sorry about that.

These signs apply to both men and women, so I’m going to use “they” in the singular, even though I hate doing it. Still, it’s better than littering this list with a bunch of “he or shes.”

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