6 Ways Forgiveness Leads To A Happier You

Image via Unsplash/Eli DeFaria

Forgiveness can easily be one of the hardest things we as human beings have to deal with. How do you just let go and forgive someone who has wronged you? How do you let the pain wash away? Although it is one of the hardest decisions to make, it is also one of the most freeing. Think about how much time you waste on a daily basis loathing a certain person who has wronged you. What if you could take back that time and use it for more positive change in your life? Forgiveness takes time; however, once you forgive, you are literally reclaiming a piece of your life. Not convinced yet? Here are six ways forgiveness can lead to an overall happier, healthier, and more positive you.

1. No more negative or obsessive thinking.

With the release of all negative thoughts surrounding the person or situation bringing you pain, you now have this huge space in your head for positive thinking. No one actually wants to sit around all day bashing an enemy in their head, so let it go and take on some happier thoughts.

2. Forgiveness means you win — yes you, the sad and angry person over there, you win!

By letting the person who has done you wrong swarm your every day thoughts and emotions, you are letting them walk free with your happiness in their hands. By forgiving them, you regain your happiness and you are the ultimate winner.

3. You now control your own path.

By letting the other person or situation take the wheel of your thoughts and emotions, you surrender control of your own life. Take back the wheel, kick that person or situation out of your car (by forgiving, of course), and start to move on in the direction that is best for YOU, not them.

4. Feeling anxious, stressed, and psychologically ill over this hurtful situation? Forgiveness is the key to resolving this.

No one enjoys that pain in your stomach and chest, or the anxiety that comes when we know we were wronged by someone. By saying those magic words, “I forgive you,” you are taking back your once-happy and anxiety-free self. Do your body and mind a favor and let it go.

5. Not only does forgiveness clear negative thoughts, it erases negative energy as well. (Aka: it’s a win-win)

The energy you carry around you is so, so important. If you’re not attracting success, good people, relationships, it could be because you’re walking around with a backpack full of negative energy and no one wants to be near you. Forgive, take the backpack off, and you’ll attract the positive people and situations you most likely desire.

6. New doors will open.

Because you have freed yourself of negative thoughts, energy, and a lack of control of your own happiness, you are open to receiving new opportunities.

Even if you are unable to physically say the words, “I forgive you” to the person, mentally say them to yourself. Write it down if you need to. It is important to find a healthy and positive balance in your life. Carrying around old baggage from someone who has wronged you is not helping you maintain that balance. Clear the space in your head and heart for new and exciting opportunities — and most importantly — happiness.