7 Things Your Mother Was Right About

My mom has an opinion on everything, and it’s usually some combination of terrible and useless. She regularly tries to get me to handle situations differently or buy useless trinkets. Last month she badgered me for two days about how I absolutely needed to watch an hour-long documentary on the bullet that killed John F. Kennedy.

But this isn’t about the weird advice or less-than-perfect parenting calls. As much as every kid hates to admit it, there are some times when mother really does know best. Here are seven things your mother was right about:

1. Be Nice.

It’s often hard to follow this advice, but your mother’s right. You’ll tend to get further in life and get what you want more often if you’re nice to those around you. Remember, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. When in doubt, refer to the golden rule.

2. Write ‘Thank You’ Notes

Remember to say thanks – in writing – for things like gifts and interviews. No need to get fancy with it. These days, it’s often as simple as shooting off a quick email. But it really does make an impression in people’s minds.

3. Try, Try Again.

If you want something, go get it. Put in the effort to learn from your failures, pick yourself up and try again. Always try to fulfill your potential, and then push yourself a little more.

4. Stay Away From Cigarettes.

I can’t name a single smoker who likes being a smoker. It’s an unhealthy and unsavory habit. Your mother would be so proud if you didn’t smell like an ashtray the next time you went to visit. I’m betting this is true even if your mother’s a smoker.

5. Eat Your Vegetables.

Just take care of yourself in general. Eat well, exercise and stay healthy. Nothing would make your mom happier than you living a long, happy life.

6. Be Yourself.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say most of our readers aren’t in high school anymore. There’s no reason to change yourself or hide your true personality. You’ll be happier if you’re not putting on an act each day. But maybe try to work on any flaws. See #1.

7. Never Go To Bed Angry.

Embrace the mushy stuff. Make up with people, let go of grudges and be honest about your feelings. You never know if today will be your last opportunity to tell someone how you feel. Years down the road, you’re not going to regret saying “I love you” if you really meant it.