8 Of The Most Unbelievably Outrageous Hamas-Backed Propaganda Ploys Ever

Yet another cease-fire agreement has broken down on the Gaza strip, and President Obama staunchly blamed Hamas in an Aug. 1 speech. It’s nothing new, as Hamas has spewed anti-Semite propaganda throughout the decades-long turmoil between the Palestinian faction and neighboring Israel. Hamas’ propaganda machine makes good and sure that Palestinians develop a healthy hatred for Zionists and Jews, truth be damned. Next time you enter into a discussion about the bias in American media, point your friends to a few of these productions to quickly end any debate:

‘A Message to the Criminal Gangs in the Occupied West Bank’

Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV featured this disturbing cartoon back in 2007. The lion, representing Hamas, watches a gang of gun-toting, money-hungry mice, representing Fatah members, destroy Gaza. Eventually, Simba sees enough and pounces on the fleeing mice, restoring tranquility to the land.

‘Celebrating’ Israel’s Independence

Hamas created its own genocidal version of Israel’s national anthem, just in time for Israel’s 2014 Independence Day. Just let them try and satirize “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and see what bombs are bursting in air…

Let’s watch Mommy die!

That Al-Aqsa TV is just so classy. Here, a suicide bomber’s children are invited to the studio to watch a video re-enactment of their mother’s 2004 death.

‘Pioneers of Tomorrow’ and Farfour the Mouse

As previously reported by Wall Street Insanity, “Pioneers of Tomorrow” is a Hamas-backed children’s show, akin to “Sesame Street.” But instead of teaching kids to the alphabet, counting and sharing, Palestinian children learn to kill the Jews, among other messages of hate. Here, Farfour teaches kids how to commit martyrdom.

Children Praise Suicide Bombing

Another Al-Aqsa children’s show more recently featured the children of suicide bombings, glorifying the deaths of their own fathers.

Murderous Puppet Show

This time Palestinian children were treated to a puppet show depicting a young boy murdering former President George W. Bush.

‘Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv’

The anti-Semitic propaganda isn’t just for the kiddies. In the Palestinian version of hip-hop, this Hamas-backed music video calls for radical violence against Israel. And it’s not even a catchy tune.

Hamas Holocaust Disinformation

As if it weren’t bad enough to hate all Jews, the Hamas propaganda machine just loves to claim the Holocaust is a myth created by Israel to drum up worldwide sympathy. According to this report from Al-Aqsa TV, the slaughter of undesirable Jews was orchestrated to create a stronger Israel.


Hamas propaganda is certainly appalling, by anyone’s measure, but it’s almost impossible not to find some sort of disgusting humor in it. Here, watch as Comedy Central’s John Stewart has his own fun with one bloody massacre of a cartoon.

You said it, John. What. The. Fuck.