9 Great Moments In ‘American Gladiators’ History

American Gladiators

It was the late 80’s and early 90’s. Way back, when men were men and gladiators wore spandex. “American Gladiators” sought to answer a question that still haunts us today: Do steroids make better athletes?

See for yourself.

* I am in no way accusing these great men of introducing exogenous testosterone into their bodies. All I am saying is that they probably did.

1.Flippin’ Out.

2. Not cool, Turbo. Not cool.

3. Turbo’s just deserts.

4. The Eliminator.

5. Deep insights into the mind of the Big ‘Bu.

6. “Men’s Assault” aka my favorite segment.

7. Wesley “2 scoops” Berry, proving that even the common man can sometimes win.

8. You probably shouldn’t peg one of these guys in the head with the ball…

9. Jousting against 220 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal. Return of the Big ‘Bu.