9 Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

Image via Unsplash/Kevin Schmitz

Every day, millions of people wake up wondering when they will find “the one.” Will they meet them at work today? Pass them on the street? We all want to find the person for us — our life partner, our soulmate. It can be difficult to explain to someone else what draws you to that special person. So, here are nine signs that you have met your match in life.

1. You would rather be with that person than alone.

We all enjoy “alone time” — sitting in our beds watching Netflix without anyone to bother us. However, when you’ve found your soulmate, you find yourself willing to share that space on the bed and computer screen (and maybe even the popcorn).

2. You support them no matter what, and vice versa.

Obviously you’re not condoning any plots for someone’s murder, but you’re there to push them through all of life’s tough decisions, heartbreaks, and celebrations.

3. There is no awkwardness.

You can be your absolute weird/crazy self around them, and they’ll just laugh (possibly at you, but all in fun). You don’t need to keep a constant flow of conversation going at all times, and are perfectly content in silence.

4. They know all of your stubborn ways (and you theirs), but still put up with them anyway, no matter how unreasonable you get.

Let’s be real, we all have our stubborn flaws that we can’t seem to erase. However, your soulmate sees past that and is willing to give you a gentle nudge out of your own head when needed.

5. You don’t have the same views on everything, but you respect one another’s thoughts/views anyway.

We’re not all going to agree on every political, religious, or other controversial topic out there. However, you and your soulmate respect that and can politely agree to disagree.

6. You motivate each other in the best and most positive ways.

If your soulmate wanted to lose that extra five pounds, you would be right beside them at the gym pushing them to accomplish their goal. And you know that, if you wanted to accomplish winning a food eating contest, they would be there to cheer you on.

7. Their success is your success.

There is no jealously or negative vibes when it comes to your soulmate (or you) making a big accomplishment. You are just as excited as they are, and vice versa. You want each other to succeed in all you decide to do, and will be right there to buy celebratory drinks when each of you gets what you want.

8. You mesh with their friends and family and even their pets.

Because you and your soulmate are like two peas in a pod, it’s easy to accept and love their posse. Friends and family are a huge part of what makes your soulmate who they are, so blending in with these people is easy.

9. You two just get each other.

No questions, no judgment, or weird side glances. Everything you do, you’re soulmate just gets and loves.