A Day With A Russian Billionaire Is As Awesome As It Sounds


It is my wish to one day be the one that gets to spend all day (and night) drinking vodka and hunting with a Russian billionaire. Until that time comes, I can watch a video of someone else doing it.

Thanks to Vice, we can get a preview of what life is like for the .00001%

The man’s name is Sergey Veremeenko. For being rich, he is a really nice guy. I wish American fat cats would be as friendly as this fellow. Instead, we have Donald Trump.

Sergey made his fortune by getting involved with coal, metals, and later banking. They say he has connections to both Putin and to the mob. Sergey’s property is essentially the entire Northern Russia.

Sergey’s wife is 26 years old and was Ms. World 2006. She is an actress and they met in a theater. Surprisingly, the person doing the interview didn’t know that (but I would have done my research, Vice, email me and have me to your next interview!).

Sergey has an art collection worth over $200 million which he keeps in a private museum.

Another one of hobbies that Sergey has is hunting. He has an entire estate setup, for hunting.

The Vice rep shoots some rifles with Sergey and then heads over to the sauna to get hit with plants (something called a veynika). In this intimate event, Sergey hits plants over the backside of the Vice reporter. Strange? Yes, perhaps, but only because it is not something seen in American culture.

Like the rest of the interview, being hit by plants in a sauna looks like a really enjoyable time.