A Push Of The button Away: Sprizzi Brings Instant Soda To Your Kitchen Counter

Image via Sprizzi

For coffee-connoisseurs everywhere, the Keurig was an invention sent from the espresso gods to provide a perfect cup of heaven at the press of a button. K-Cups became legendary among coffee suppliers, and suddenly the invention was a world-wide phenomena: no kitchen was complete without one.

For soda lovers, the Sprizzi could be the newest deity in the realm of kitchen appliances. Push a button, instant soda? Sounds like the American way.

The machine, roughly the same size as a coffee maker, is advertised as “the most advanced beverage and soda dispenser in the world.” The space-age-looking device automatically chills water and carbonates drinks, and, as marketed, dispenses soda with the simple insertion of a “flavor bullet”—the soft-drink equivalent of a k-cup—and the press of a button.

The concept is taking off on Kickstarter, where it’s described as “versatile, practical, economical and beautiful.” The creators call Sprizzi an ideal invention for the kitchen, game room, office break room, or even for your dorm—any room in which you need instant soda in your life.

It’s cheaper than the corner store, at $0.35 per “standard flavor” soda and $0.75 per specialty or energy drink pour. Each 2-ounce bullet produces about 16-ounces of liquid, so for New Yorkers, this gadget will provide an excellent way to say “suck it, Bloomberg” while sucking on your generously-sized homemade sugary drink. And, with one a day, it will take enthusiasts two months to try every flavor—Sprizzi has over 60 different varieties on tap of not only soda but also juices, iced teas, lemonade, sports drinks and flavored water.

Note that you’ll have to replenish both flavor bullets and CO2 cannisters, but the product markets its ease of use and instant-gratification aspects as incentives.

Sprizzi comes in “White Ice,” “Black Beauty” and “Silver Streak”—but if you join the ranks of the munificent backers who pledges more than $397 to the cause, you can be one of the lucky owners of the limited-edition Sprizzi machine in “Killer Chrome.” (So far, no one appears enthralled enough to do so.) Lesser backers are also rewarded with motivation such as t-shirts and free flavor bullets.

The Kickstarter page promises weekly home supply delivery to ensure that consumers never have to wait to drink. There’s even an app for more convenient order placement.

Michael Breault, founder and CEO of the Sprizzi Drink Co., cites his 12 years of dedication to the project and heads up a team of five people aspiring to build the Sprizzi legacy. As of Thursday night, the Kickstarter project had 36 backers with a net pledge of $7,000. The 30-day project goal, which began countdown on May 1, is $25,000.