A Video Blogger Allegedly Had His Artwork Ripped Off And He Wants You To Know About It

Image via YouTube/ThatsSoNathan

All one YouTuber named Nathan wanted was to get credit for his work. Joey Graceffa—a video blogger who also has a gaming channel and has a subscriber base on YouTube of over 2 million—allegedly used Nathan’s animated gaming introduction for his own videos, and didn’t give him the shoutout he promised in exchange for the labor.

Now, Nathan has turned to YouTube to have his voice heard.

According to Nathan, Graceffa put a post on Facebook requesting game intros in exchange for a shout-out—a promising barter for any aspiring video blogger; at the time, Graceffa had over 500,000 subscribers, while Nathan had under 1,000 subscribers (compared to his current 29,000).

Because Nathan had studied after-affects and motion graphics, he was sure he could create a great gaming intro.

I didn’t expect anything, I knew there would be lots of people who sent in entries, but I gave it shot, whipped up an intro, and I sent it to him,” he says in his video.

Weeks later, Graceffa finally replied, and was happy with what he saw.

I was stoked because, obviously I tried to contact a bunch of big YouTubers and none of them talk to you, really, because you’re just a nobody,” said Nathan.

From there, Graceffa allegedly requested several changes to the video, which Nathan happily obliged to, and delivered. He claims he spent a total of six hours creating the videos, which seems small in numbers but huge in principle.

Nathan says he sent out several emails to which he received no replies to, despite the fact that Graceffa was active with email when he was requesting the changes he needed for the gaming intro.

So I sent him some more emails,” says Nathan. “Then I sent him some more emails. And all of a sudden he disappeared. So what he’s done is taken my work, used it in all his gaming channel videos, and hasn’t given me any credit for it. Is it that hard to give me five seconds of fucking video time on one of your gaming videos? It’s not that hard.”

Nathan seems genuinely upset and concerned that he could seem like a “douchebag” for creating the video in a “tattle-tale” kind of way, but response has been generally positive. No one deserves to get their work ripped off.

Graceffa recently got some bad press after he made a seven-minute video bashing comedian Nate Clark for having his car towed.

Clark’s hilarious video response took the number one spot on Reddit and gained nearly 3 million views.

Some of the things you said, Joey, were kind of mean, and it hurt,” Clark said, sounding very un-hurt. “And they weren’t true. “So I decided to film this video to refute a couple of points made in YOUR video.”

Basically, Graceffa doesn’t have the best rep in the world right now.