Adorable 3-Year-Old Does The Robot (And A Million Other Moves) On ‘China’s Got Talent’ (Video)

“China’s Got Talent” recently featured a shockingly young contestant. Three-year-old Zhang Junhao thoroughly impressed the judges as they questioned “what kind of an upbringing makes him so calm.” And calm he was, as he performed his “random” dances on stage in front of four hundred million viewers. Providing the judges with a remote to control the music, this energetic toddler altered his dance routine with the kind of purpose and definition you don’t often come across in three-year-olds.

Accompanied by his “baby,” a sort of boom box shaped like luggage, Junhao ended up with rave reviews for the judges, even as he stonewalled them at the end of the performance. You’ve got to wonder what this kid’s parents are like. Enter mom, whom he dances for her to make her laugh. Regardless of his talent, he’s definitely in the running for world’s most adorable kid.