Adorable Bulldog Shows Human DJ That Dogs Can Scratch, Too (Video)

By now we’ve realized that there is very little dogs can’t do. Besides playing the role of man’s best friend, dogs have been showing people that they have talents to be reckoned with. Dogs can sing, dance and—it turns out—scratch up a record just like a real DJ.

In a video posted to YouTube, a gray French Bulldog named Mama (also known as DJ Mama) has a mini scratch-off battle with a human, “question and answer style.” Mama proves that her musical talents and intelligence are just as sharp as any DJ’s as she plays back the same scratches as her human counterpart.

Obviously, many skeptics have a word or two to say on the integrity of the video and whether DJ Mama was getting some help or whether it’s all just an editing spoof. But we’ll let you decide. Either way, you can’t lose watching a video of an adorable dog DJ battling a human.