Alleged New Pictures Of iPhone 6 Leaked By Taiwanese Pop Star

The iPhone 5 (left) next to the alleged iPhone 6 (right). Image via weibo/dreamerjimmy

Rumors abound: New pictures of the soon-to-come iPhone 6 have leaked on Chinese website Weibo, posted by a former Taiwanese pop star, who – CNET reports – has had a pretty good history of showcasing Apple product sneak peaks.

Taiwanese singer-actor Jimmy Lin recently posted two pictures allegedly showing the new, much-speculated iPhone 6. The pictures show an iPhone 5S next to a new phone, featuring a much larger screen, slimmer body and metal finish.

Lin offers a few details on the new phone —which just so happen to align very well with the rumors buzzing around what Apple will reveal. The iPhone 6, Lin says, has a 4.7-inch screen, a power button on the side, and a good grip feel to it. Sounds a lot like iPhone’s competitor phones in the Android market.

Obviously there’s a lot of speculation whether the pictures have any validity, but as CNET points out, Lin does have a good track record of getting his hands on Apple products before their release. He was known to have snaps of the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and the iPhone 5C before they hit the market. So, for now, Apple fans can decide for themselves on which side they stand.

Apple, which is notorious for setting September release dates for its new products, has not yet announced an official date for the iPhone 6 release. The company also has said very little about what buyers can expect, other than it will come equipped with the latest iOS 8.