Amazing New Technology Will Turn Any Car Into A Driverless Vehicle With The Push Of A Button

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Although Google has made no secret it wants to be the first to introduce true driverless car technology, one company might just be giving the tech giant a run for its money.

Cruise RP-1 is the world’s first highway autopilot that works with your existing car to let you go completely driverless – on a single lane of the highway during daylight hours, that is. A sensor pod goes on the roof of your car, and a small computer goes into the side of the trunk. The controls are also simple: Push a button to cruise, push it again to drive. The built-in technology makes sure your car stays centered in its lane and even brakes with a safe distance behind the car in front of it. It even offers an app that provides the driver insight into what the sensor is seeing and doing. Drivers can regain control of their vehicles simply by tapping the gas pedal or grabbing the steering wheel – much like traditional cruise-control systems.

The Cruise RP-1 is always watching the roads even when you aren’t,” explains about the RP-1. “Our state of the art technology utilizes several sensors, radars, and actuators all controlled by a central computer to make sure you and your loved ones are always safe.”

For a hefty price tag of $10,000, you can be one of the 50 people who join the Cruise Founders Club and get the first RP-1s installed on your vehicle in 2015. For a less intimidating $1,000, buyer can reserve the second batch of the RP-1s, which will also be available in 2015.

Currently, the product is only equipped to work on California highways and only installs in 2012 or later models of the Audi A4 or S4. You can sign up for updates of when it becomes available for other cars — or the startup says they’ll “help you get one,” whatever that means.

But are consumers ready for driverless vehicles? Princeton University professor Alain Kornhauser believes they easily could be conditioned for the technology’s advent into society.

The challenge is trust,” Kornhauser told TechNewsWorld. “It may take a little while, but I’m sure that they’ll brand their message so people will trust them more than GM. There is a substantial base of drivers that would love to take their hands off the wheel some of the time.”

The company behind the Cruise RP-1, Cruise Automation Inc., is a seed-funded startup based out of San Francisco, backed by Y Combinator and Signia Venture Partners.