Amazing Pics Show What Apple’s Rumored iWatch Could Look Like

Image via Jivaldi

It’s obvious that Apple has a wristwatch in the works. After filing several patents for an ‘iWatch’ in various countries, and analysts’ estimates of a possible release date and iWatch features, digital marketing company  Jivaldi has delivered an impressive rendering of how it might look.

Image via

Image via Jivaldi

The Jivaldi team based its concept on Apple’s marketing history and the rumored iWatch features, including curved glass. Images depict the iWatch in typical Apple packaging. The wristwatch is slim, with a combination of glass and metal delivered in a bracelet-like fashion. The screen is reminiscent of the iPhone screen, with Safari, Mail, Settings and other applications. The firm even incorporated FaceTime onto the wristwatch design, showing what an image would look like on the curved glass.

Jivaldi’s iWatch concept isn’t the only one out there. Stephen Olmstead also came up with a concept where the wearer would flick through apps one at a time.

Image via Dribble/

Image via Dribble/ Stephen Olmstead

Martin Hajek’s concept is quite impressive, featuring leather bands bearing the Apple logo to complement the glass surface plate.

Image via

Image via Martin Hajek

Esben Oxholm’s version is quite similar to Jivaldi’s, showing a slim, all-glass model.

Image via Behance/

Image via Behance/ Esben Oxholm Bonde

Glass is a core feature in Apple’s brand, so it’s no wonder that every concept has thrown it into the mix. Two anonymous sources told the New York Times that the watch would feature curved glass. Plus, Apple recently acquired the Silicon Valley-based Passif Semiconductor, a company that specializes in low-power communication chips and could be used in devices such as Apple’s progressing iWatch. Apple, however, has been very hush-hush about the project, and no formal details have been released.

Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” Apple spokeswoman Amy Bessette said in a statement.

9-to-5 Mac’s Marc Grubman made his own predictions that the watch would feature curved glass. Bloomberg also reported that the iWatch team consists of roughly 100 people, including a handful who have previously worked on the iPhone and iPad.

Mass production of the iWatch is predicted to begin in 2014.