Apophis Brings Luxury to the USB Flash Drive

Luxury and flash drive aren’t two terms generally associated together. But ZaNa Design hopes to change that with the release of its Apophis luxury USB flash drive. The limited-edition device is hand-constructed from certified meteorite and even features an embedded diamond. The flash drive was actually named after a large asteroid expected to cross Earth’s orbit in 2036.

In addition to its extra-terrestrial parts, the Apophis Flash Drive casing is made from 200-year-old African Black Wood, called by many connoisseurs the most luxurious wood on the planet. The “regular” version of the flash drive is also plated in 925 silver, while the higher-end version includes 18-carat gold.

Don’t think the Apophis flash drive is all for looks, however. It still offers 64 GB of memory, a 190 mb/s reading speed and USB 3.0. Those who want a flash drive that’s more than a gadget, but a stylish fashion accessory, can purchase the Apophis silver version for just $1,130 and the gold drive for $1,990.