Apple CEO Tim Cook Gets 700-800 Emails A Day And Reads Most Of Them

screen shot via ABC

It’s been 30 years today since Apple released the very first Macintosh computer, and current CEO Tim Cook is thrilled.

To commemorate the occasion, ABC will be airing an interview tonight with Cook, engineering leader Craig Federighi and Vice President Bud Tribble. The teaser released this morning doesn’t give much away: Cook talks about his daily schedule and inbox, brushes off questions about possible new products, and talks about American-made products.

The biggest reveal is that Cook is quite connected to Apple users. Talking about how many emails he receives each day from customers, he said, “I get probably 700 or 800, and I read the majority of those… Every day, every day. I’m a workaholic.”

How does he find the time? Waking up at 3:45 a.m. probably helps.

Interviewer David Muir says Cook will also talk about the government’s controversial surveillance program. Cook’s spoken with President Obama directly on the issue and has “plenty to say” about the program. “He says it might put American people at rest, if he were able to talk,” Muir said.